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Prom Seven

July 19, 2012

Last night I went to a late night Prom with my Mum and Dad. It was my treat to Mum who loves Handel’s Water music. As soon as I saw it advertised I knew we had to go. The Water Music and The Royal Fireworks are two of Mum’s favourite pieces of music and somehow seem to form part of the background of my life. The fact that it was free was an added bonus but I would have paid for tickets.

We had a splendid dinner first at Ravello in Old Street, that was my Dad’s treat. I had stuffed mushrooms, followed by gnocchi with tomato and mozzarella. Mum and Dad both had garlic prawns and then Mum had Tuscan steak and Dad had a T bone. The food was simple but fabulously cooked and the service from the elderly Italian owner and his wife was impeccable. We lingered so long over our meal we had to race to South Ken.

The music was wonderful. Le Concert Spirituel used instruments which replicated those used for the first performances. The tone was not quite what I expected and it certainly didn’t sound like a modern rendition but it was both fascinating and beautiful. I cannot judge whether it was authentic but I assume so. It says something for the quality of the performance that despite two double Glenmorangies and a fair bit of wine Dad did not fall asleep.

I did find myself thinking about all those other people who over 118 years have spent their summer going to the proms. I wonder if July and August will still be spent Promming in another 118 years. I rather hope that they will.

We just caught the last train home and I went to bed at 1 am but it took me another 45 minutes to calm down enough to sleep.


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