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Cherry Cake

February 22, 2013

At Christmas Kerri gave me Jane Brocket’s Vintage Cakes. Initially I thought I’d just enjoy looking at the rather wonderful photographs and wishing I had the skill to bake like that but I kept going back to the book, kept looking at and in the end I just had to try something.

Some of the recipes are quire complicated and some require expensive ingredients or cake tins I do not own so as a first attempt I went for simplicity. I choose that girlsown staple Cherry Cake.

I followed the instructions exactly and was thrilled to discover that they worked and all the cherries did not sink to the bottom of the cake. Possibly the faff of washing and drying the cherries was worth it.


It was a little crispy around the edges, I had trouble getting the middle to cook before the outside burned. I’ve since discovered my ancient loaf tin is to blame. The may say a bad workman blames their tools but it’s a myth. I borrowed my mothers new, solid and very expensive loaf tin the next time I wished to bake a loaf cake and the results couldn’t have been more different.

I took the cake to work. There’s nothing like a bit of home baking to keep your colleagues on side. Especially when you often have to make a nuisance of yourself asking them to do things they’d rather not at very short notice. It was a hit and disappeared rapidly. Home made cake always does in the establishment where I work.

Anyway then they started asking about the recipe and where I’d found it. I explained all about my new book and the enticing recipes within it and before I knew it, I was being challenged to work my way through the book and produce a different cake each week. Somehow I agreed. I’m still not sure why as I’m not sure what’s in it for me aside from the challenge and variety in my baking.

I’m not sure I will actually cook everything in the book. Some of the recipes are eye wateringly expensive and others will need special cake tins I don’t have and wouldn’t want to buy if they’d only be used once. I’ll have to see what I can beg borrow or steal. Why don’t British libraries lend cake tins like some North American ones?


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