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New things in February

March 3, 2013

Inspired by the splendid Make and Bake with Bert I decided to take her do something new every month challenge.

It involves a new author, actually I read five new authors in February. I hadn’t realised that until I reread my book list.

I think my favourite new author was Margaret Rhodes who wrote the Final Curtsey. She was the Queen Mother’s lady in waiting and is the Queen’s cousin. It was a fascinating account of a life well lived and I loved it because it is written with such generosity. There is not a bitter or unkind word in the book and everyone is remembered with fondness.

I also read May Smith’s Those Wonderful Rumours which I found absorbing. I loved that the author was living through a fascinating time in history with so much uncertainty and her focus was not on the world changing events going on around her but on the spot on her nose or her new hat. Perhaps she seems a little self centred but it also rang true with me. Human nature is what it is and frequently you do not realise you are living in momentous times until they are over.

A new place – there were actually two. I went up The Shard a belated birthday treat I’d organised for my Dad’s sixtieth birthday and Luton Airport. Visiting Luton Airport absolutely wasn’t featured anywhere in my plans for February but circumstances dictated that it happened anyway. I can honestly say I will happily never return there. I’d like to see the view from The Shard again at a different time or in other weather conditions because the view is quite stunning but it is also very expensive. The ticket prices have already gone up £5 since I pre booked last September.

My new ingredient/ food/ recipe is Jane Brocket’s Marmalade Cake. It involves candied peel which oddly I don’t think I’ve used before even though it isn’t that unusual and I’ve not baked that recipe before either. I only ate a sliver but my colleagues demolished it before lunch so I’m assuming it was a success.


It did cause a small technical problem in that it was baked in a 23cm cake tin. This was all very well until I came to pack it up to go to work and I discovered all my transporting containers are 22cm. Some very rude words were said, then I used my ingenuity and improvised.

Finally a new knitting technique. The cardigan I’m knitting for my small niece requires a circular yoke. Initially knitting this entailed many impolite words and a great deal of frogging and casting on again but finally I got there. It’s still only half finished. I hope it does not end up being March’s technique too. Aside from anything else my favourite small person is urging me to finish it quickly. I also have two new ideas for March. There are so many small people to knit for, this what happens when you get old.


Please ignore the crumbs on the carpet. I’ll hoover at some point – honest.


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