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New things in June

July 7, 2013

July has been here for a week already so it is probably time to write about June’s new things.

I’ll start with new places because that won’t take up much space as I’ve not been anywhere spectacular in June but one cannot hope for a trip involving an aeroplane every month. Not on my budget anyway. So I went to visit K and it was the first time I’ve seen her flat. It’s very convenient for the tube and I love her room. The number of books she has fitted in is so impressive. I went home with a bag full of borrowed books. There was a rather nice cafe in St Albans where I attended a splendid thirtieth birthday party and was able to catch up with friends.

I find myself racking my brains about June’s new cooking. I baked a Ciabatta which was very successful and got a thumbs up from my favourite small person even if she did ask me why you and Grandma can’t make bread with no crusts.


Knitting progress has been slow. I’ve been totally uninspired and uninterested for most of the month. I have some glorious yarn in my stash: a lace weight silk and Arucania but could I work out what I wanted to do with it… Thanks to Make and Bake with Bert I think I now have a plan for the Arucania. However three baby boys arrived this month so I’ve a queue again and I’m knitting baby clothes again.


This work in progress is destined for B. It is the back of a Rowan baby sweater (Bond from Just Baby if you care) knitted in Rowan Denim as I cannot use baby Merino. I like the denim yarn but it has to be handled with care as it has a tendency to split (as cotton does) and the dye is coming off on my finger tips. It says it machine washes at sixty and I hope if I do that before I present it, the dye will not come off on baby’s skin.

I’m also trying to learn to crochet but can assure you that I have produced nothing worthy of a photograph as yet.

I’ve not travelled or knitted much in June but I’ve made up for it with my reading. I read 24 books in June more books than I’ve read in any other month this year. I think my candidate for June’s new author is Ben Goldacre who writes the Guardian’s Bad Science column. I know I’m years behind everyone else but I read his book of the same name and was fascinated. I learned so much even though I admit some of the more technical detail went straight over my head. His views on homeopathy (similar to mine but much more eloquently and amusingly expressed) nearly had me laughing out loud in the train. He also converted me. When I’d finished reading about the importance of good clinical trials to progress I agreed to take part in an observational asthma study for Imperial College Medical School.

I am not going to give up reading girlsown, Katie Fforde, Debbie Macomber or my beloved crime novels especially those written between the wars because I enjoy them. My chosen reading material allows me to escape cold hard reality when I feel it necessary but what I am going to do is choose at least one non fiction book each month which I can learn something new from and expand my horizons just a little. I’m debating whether I should exclude WW2 history from this considering the extent of my prior knowledge yet on the other hand there is still so much to learn.


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  1. I wouldn’t exclude the history. Maybe just make sure it’s not WW2 history for your non-fiction read every month – that way you have the opportunity to expand but not rule out a subject that you’re very interested in (and by the way I have a book I picked up on that, which I must send you some time).

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