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Things which made me happy in June

July 7, 2013

I’ve come to the conclusion that happiness has little to do with material things, earning power or big plans. Instead it is about being happy in the here and now, seizing and enjoying the moment and taking pleasure in the little things that come along most days.

This isn’t everything by a long shot and I don’t have photos for all of it either but in no particular order things that made me happy in June.

1. My new kitchen clock – I first saw this in March and I really wanted it but decided I couldn’t justify buying it because it was quite expensive but then I saw it reduced to half price and decided as I still wanted it and it was reduced I could have it.


2. Auntie and niece time

3. Peonies


4. A bottle of Diet Coke with my name on – even though I’m not supposed to drink it anymore. At the moment I’m admiring it but I confess it’s probably only a matter of time.


5. Home baked bread


6. Three new babies arrived safely

7. The contents of an amazing comfort parcelLiz Makes It sent me this because she knew I was feeling low. Needless to say it made me very happy indeed. Yarn, reading material, chocolate, several lovely baths what more could any girl want?


8. There was also an amazing evening walk along the Thames path from Westminster to Bankside.

9. The view of The Shard as my train swings round the curve as it leaves my local station

10. Being offered 4 job interviews – clearly not unemployable after all and not stuck in my current job unless I want to.

11. The estate agent telling me my flat is worth more than I thought so I’ve obviously not spent the last eight years effectively setting light to ten pound notes which is gratifying.

13. The garden of the little house in St James Park


14. Bumping into an old friend unexpectedly in Covent Garden

15. A wonderful cut and colour – a huge self esteem boost

16. Gin cocktails – it was Gin month at the Mask Bar in The Strand Palace Hotel and I set myself am objective of trying all five over the course of the month which I did. I am very grateful to my indefatigable group of friends who cheerful endured the hardship of exchanging Thursday night coffee for Thursday night cocktails in the spirit of helping me to complete my challenge

17. Being reminded just how much I enjoy Kerry Greenwood’s Phyrne Fisher novels.


18. My Mum’s freshly baked fruit scones with homemade strawberry jam

19. A cool swim to clear my head

20. Wandering around Liberty’s – The frog and the tortoise on the staircase were childhood friends but I love the Tudor building Liberty prints and the way they use colour in the haberdashery department.






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  1. I love the idea for this post and may steal it and use it myself for July!

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