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Salvaging disaster

July 21, 2013

Someone said I only write about the good things and its as if I have a perfect life. Of course I don’t no one does but equally on the whole I don’t think people are that interested in my petty annoyances or the things that have made me cry. On the whole misery doesn’t belong here.

On the other hand of course things go wrong and I screw up – all the time.

This is one of my failures. Yesterday some friends were coming over so I decided I’d make some ice cream as the the weather is so damn hot. I am lucky enough to have an ice cream maker and I even remembered to freeze the bowl the night before. I went through my recipe books and decided that it is so hot sorbet would be the best choice. I choose an Asti Spumante and elderflower recipe, purchased the relevant ingredients and put them in the machine and set it to churn.

It churned and it churned and it churned. Nothing happened. Despairingly I put the contents in the freezer and refroze the bowl. After two hours I churned again. Ninety minutes later there was still nothing. I said several unprintable words then decided the mixture was never going to freeze and took the advice of Calendar Girls and hastened to M&S to purchase an alternative pudding.

I considered tipping the whole damn lot down the sink but resisted as the ingredients were expensive. After some thought I decided chilled Asti and elderflower was clearly a good combination so I served frozen cocktails in tall glasses with straws and umbrellas.


They tasted very good so although it was a total deviation from my ordinal plan something was salvaged from the wreck.


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