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Things which made me happy in July

August 11, 2013

As always there really aren’t enough photos but I’ll try to do better in August.

1. Newborn baby cuddles although I confess I was happy enough to hand him back when he cried.

2. Splendid Snail Mail – I’ve been lucky enough to receive an unexpected parcel full of reading material as well as lovely postcards from friends in far flung and less far flung places.

3. Shiny new work laptop- I can work from home whenever I like now. It also works at twice the speed of my old laptop which makes me more productive.

4. Being head hunted – pretty self explanatory really. I was made a very flattering offer by someone who knows of and admires my work but ultimately I decided it was not the right career move for me. I was pleased to be asked though.

5. Mum found this copy if Dimsie Grows Up for me in an Orpington charity shop


6. Cote D’Or Lemon and Ginger chocolate – this is my favourite chocolate of all time. Thank you Lucy


7. Walking in the rain – after all this heat.

8. Tidying my kitchen cupboards – making order out of chaos always has a strangely satisfying effect on me.

9. Meeting K and putting a name to a face

10. Enjoying small pleasures with my niece. We’ve had so much fun playing on the trampoline and the swings. I also took her to Bluewater to choose her own birthday present (How is she five already?) an experience she adored.

12. Sweet Peas


13. Friends for tea – I made most of this afternoon tea from scratch.


14. Pimms cake made for me by Katherine


15. A friend’s engagement and the celebratory cocktails


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