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Barnaby’s Jumper

August 19, 2013

I’ve finally finished Barnaby’s jumper. I hope it still fits because as babies do he is growing fast.


It is from Rowan Just Baby and was a more challenging knit than I anticipated. The principle difficulty was the right shoulder shaping it took some effort to get right. It is knitted exactly as the pattern says but I’d tinker if I made it again. The button spacing offends my sense of symmetry I think the button on the collar and throne nearest the neck are too close. I almost ripped and reunited but reminded myself he is 8 weeks and won’t care.


The yarn Rowan Denim was also difficult to knit with. The finished result is good and as it is for a baby I love that it machine washes at 60 and tumble dries but it split a lot and the dye came off on my fingers. I gave it a good hot wash in the machine before blocking to deal with the dye loss issue.

I love the label though.


I hope he manages to get some wear out of it before he grows out if it. It’s the wrong weather for sweaters although it wasn’t when I cast on the day after he was born.


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