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New Things in August

September 10, 2013

Once again we are a third of the way through the new month and I have still not posted for August. Must do better! I fear those words will be engraved on my heart when I quit this world although I’m not intending to do so for a good long time yet. My to do list is much too long.

Anyway I confess the majority of August has been spent surrounded by old things as we sorted through nearly forty years of my Grandmother’s life. However I did manage to incorporate a few new things.

There were several new places: A rather amusing cocktail bar in Spitalfields we went to to celebrate Lucy’s birthday, the nursing home where my grandmother is now living, Seaford Beach – I’ve been to Seaford many times but never before made it onto the beach and Denbies Wine Estate in Dorking. I tried some English sparkling wine too another first. It wasn’t bad but I still prefer Prosecco.


New knitting just didn’t happen there were too many other priorities to fit it in. I relaxed by doing a few rounds of the Shetland Shell scarf and finished Barnaby’s jumper as documented in this post but did not cast on anything new.

I had an attempt at making my own Satay sauce for a stir fry. This was edible but I felt it did not hit the spot satisfactorily. It tasted wrong and I ended up rescuing it with garlic and ginger. I will have to find another recipe and have another go.

My first attempt at nectarine jam was far more successful. I had some soft nectarines I didn’t want to waste so I looked up a recipe on the web and gave it a go. It set and tasted good. My Mum also approved what more could a girl ask.


I also varied a recipe I often make at Christmas. Its from the Christmas Cookie section in an American women’s magazine. My Dad loves Fig Crescents my Mum is less keen on figs but loves the cookie dough so at her request I tried a different filling. I had some dried apples and apple jelly in the store cupboard so I pulsed honey, dried apples, cinnamon and apple jelly in the processor and used it to fill the cookies. Mum and my colleagues approved so I’ll be making it again.


My new author is Gwendoline Butler a serendipitous find in the library. She’s only new to me she’s been writing crime novels for years and sadly died earlier this year but I’ve really enjoyed reading her John Coffin novels. Isn’t Coffin a fantastic name for a detective who investigates murders? They are set in the fictional Second City of London but I’m sure from the descriptions that the Second City is in fact set in Docklands around Canary Wharf. When she began writing the series in the early nineties we all thought the City might move out there lock stock and barrel. It didn’t but it could have happened. I love the characters and the sense of place and I’m going to be reading as many Coffin books as I can get hold of.



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  1. Gosh, you have so much on the go, well done.

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