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Things which made me happy in August

September 10, 2013

August has mostly consisted of the kind of small elusive moments of happiness that are ephemeral. I’ve done my best to write things down as they happened this month so I wouldn’t forget them.

Watching my Grandmother settle in to her Nursing Home following what we expect will be her last move has made us all happy. We were hugely doubtful about the move but decided it was the lesser of two evils (the other option was her staying in hospital indefinitely). After three weeks we know it was the right thing to do. She is happier and her physically improvement is incredible. We’ve gone from expecting her to die within the week to planning a ninetieth birthday party for her in December.

Bella – the nursing home has an enormous rabbit called Bella. I regret there are no photos as Bella declined to pose for them. She’s about the size of a small dog and residents, staff and visitors all love her. She seems to epitomise so many of the nice things about the home mostly that it is home and not an institution.

Metallic sharpies this is a very small thing but it pleases me, I’ve always had a weakness for stationery and this is glittery sparkly stationery which pleases my inner magpie and my inner five year old.


Now my Grandmother has moved to the Nursing Home her house has to be cleared so it can be rented. This process has not made me happy). What has made me happy is using her vintage glass storage jars in my kitchen. I smile every time I take out the jar of lentils or sultanas to cook with. Some things change and others do not and cooking and baking is a link to Granny, Nanna and my Great Aunt.




I was so pleased with the splendid parcel L sent me I decided to make up a comfort parcel for her. Filling it and turning it into a brown paper package toed up with string turned out to be as much fun as receiving a parcel.





A colleague taught me how to rethread two old necklaces one which belonged to a family friend and one which was my Great Aunt’s. Getting a jeweller to restring them was expensive and they are not old and valuable but I have always liked them for their associations. I’m delighted I can wear them again.

Jam making


My niece wrote me a postcard from her holiday all by herself!



I inherited my Granny’s china when she died. I saw this matching bread and butter plate on ebay and I had to have it.


I had a very nice snuggle with my friends seven week old baby and gave him his bottle. He is a beautiful baby I enjoyed cuddling him but it was nice to give him back when he cried too.

The MacIains of Glen Gilliean – GGBP have republished this but there’s nothing like having the original. I’m glad they exist thanks to them I’ve never read books I’d never have had the opportunity to own but I was lucky and found a first edition on ebay which cost less than the reprint.

My niece learned to swim – I am a very proud aunt.


Unexpected view of The Shard from the train line or while driving – this one is taken from Union Street. It’s difficult to take photos through a train window and illegal if I’m driving.


The view from Hungerford Bridge


Cocktails and curry for Lucy’s birthday

Seeing my little cousins during our fantastic day at the beach


Zoo Late – there were meercats, otters, tigers and penguins after work


The Birthday Bake Off for a friend’s small sons – I did not take part but I enjoyed the taste testing.


Watching Going on a Bear Hunt with my niece and visiting M&M’s World


Getting back into the habit of writing with a fountain pen again. I’d forgotten how satisfying the flow of ink over the paper is.

A trip to the podiatrist which made my feet look better and gave me hope that my pain levels might reduce if I do the exercises.

Getting my nails painted for friend’s wedding


My nasturtiums have finally flowered.


An amazing dinner to celebrate Liss’ birthday.

Sorting out my mortgage so I pay less. This moves the house of my own with a garden where I can keep a cat dream a little closer.

Super snail mail – this did not all arrive in August but it gives some idea of the lovely postcards I’ve received. There were also some nice parcels. I’m very lucky.


I saw this artificial Lake and beach on Union Street which has been constructed on a building site for local children and they were having fun. It was so nice.




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  1. dawn permalink

    What a wonderfully inspiring post! Thankyou

  2. My mum has jars like that 🙂

    The parcel was wonderful!

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