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New Things in September

September 30, 2013

Its the end of September already. Where exactly has 2013 gone? First I have a confession to make. Yet again there has been no new knitting. I can’t make up my mind on a new project at all but I’ve been working on the Shetland Shell scarf and it is making painfully slow progress. It’s going to be a long term project.

My new food for September is in fact a drink and I did not bake, cook or otherwise prepare it. I went to the Harry Potter Studio Tour and since it is only sold in two places in the world I just had to try Butterbeer. I am glad I tried it but I’m not sure I’ll bother again. My very non scientific analysis is that it is cream soda with a shot of caramel and topped with Mr Whippy style vanilla ice cream. It was pretty sweet and certainly gave me an energy boost. Actually I had my first ever Margherita too – I rarely drink non Gin based cocktails but I enjoyed it.



My new place has to be the Harry Potter Studios not only had I never been there I’ve never been to Leavesdon either. I am also proud because I drove myself all the way there and I did not get lost and I wasn’t late even though the Sat Nav did some crazy things and tried to drive me there via everywhere in the known world and a few of the places in between.

I loved every minute of the Harry Potter Tour it made my inner five year old very very happy and I was in company with three other fan girls. It was just a wonderful day. I’ve spent nearly two decades immersed in Hogwarts and the Potterverse and there was something slightly magical about seeing the familiar objects. I’ve decided to save up and visit Harry Potter’s Wizarding World in Florida. If. Had to pick one thing it would have to be the mock up of Diagon Alley which I simply loved. Although the model of Hogwarts Castle enthralled me. Tragically I ran out of camera battery before Diagon Alley or the model.






I also walked over the Millennium Bridge for the first time ever. I have no idea why I left it so long I’ve lived in London all my life and yet I’ve never walked over it. It was dusk and the view was spectacular. I remembered all over again just how lucky I am to live here and how much I love my city. I know I’m biased but I really do think London is the greatest city in the world.



This months new author is Sophie Hannah. Kate lent me two of her books to try. I found her books slightly difficult to get into initially because her heroines are not very sympathetic in fact I’d go so far as to say they are unlikeable but there’s still something that kept me turning the pages. I loved the relationship between the police officers and there are also these flashes of insight that suddenly illuminate something you’ve been puzzling over for months. I can honestly say there was one page in Kind of Cruel that shed light on something I’ve been mulling over for months there was a moment of clarity and it all made sense.


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