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Things that made me happy in September

September 30, 2013

As always in no particular order here are the things that made September a pleasant month. Obviously some things went wrong but I see no point in dwelling on those things. Mostly they are small stuff and in any case I can’t change them.

There are not many photos I thought I’d taken more that I have…

Recess ended – my professional world revolves around the Parliamentary calendar and recess is always dull and tedious. I like the unpredictability and drama that ensues when the house is sitting. It was good to get stuck in again and remember why I enjoy my job.

The mellow autumn light as autumn starts to come in the light changes. In summer there is a bright harsh light but in September the light has a much mellowed golden quality especially in the mornings and evenings and it is beautiful.

The new Kerry Greenwood book – more or less self explanatory. Murder and Mendelssohn was a truly excellent read. I spent several hours happily immersed in Phryne Fisher’s world.

Mum and I were lucky enough to get tickets to see Anna Chancellor in Private Lives. It was superb theatre fantastic acting and writing. I’ve always admired Noel Coward’s writing it is witty and totally timeless. It reminded me why I love theatre, why I studied drama and why I miss it.

In the same girl’s weekend we drove down to the coast and walked on Greatstone beach. I’ve so many happy childhood memories of days out at Greatstone with my family and god sisters. We had lunch at Dungeness and wandered over the shingle.

I helped organise a cake sake for Macmillan at work. We made more than £500 which was gratifying. The cakes I baked also disappeared almost at once which was good for my pride.


GGBP republished The Avenue by Violet Needham. It’s been out of print for years so was new to me and I was pleased to be able to read it at last.

I’ve booked a trip to the Christmas Markets in Bruges for December and I can’t wait.

The Harry Potter Studio Tour – I’ve already blogged about this but it brought complete joy to my fangirl heart and of late my fangirl heart has been shattered all too often.

My niece and I read a new picture book together. It was fantastic and we were both highly amused. If you know any small people I recommend “We’re wearing out the naughty step” by Mike Inkpen. I almost made it my new author but Inkpen is not a new author.

K came to stay we had a lovely gossipy girls weekend involving wine, pizza, curry, gossip, ice cream and talking half the night.

I had a glorious walk down Victoria Embankment at dusk, pottering from Parliament to Bankside on WI night. I’ve vowed to go to The Globe soon.


We belatedly celebrated my SiL’s birthday with a champagne afternoon tea at 140 Park Lane. We were particularly taken with the hot buttered crumpets.


I had lunch with Rosie and Michael and cuddles with baby Joanna. I enjoyed the drive through the autumnal Surrey countryside too.

I went to the Greyladies Launch of Under the Rainbow at Slightly Foxed and acquired the new Susan Scarlett and a truly delightful EM Channon.

We celebrated Kerri’s birthday at GBK

I’ve been rereading or rather relistening to Harry Potter read by the superb Stephen Fry. If I’m honest I’d listen to him read the telephone directory but he brings the books to life in a way the films do not. They liven up cooking and tedious housework.

The return of Downton Abbey even if the lovely Matthew is no more

The dark evenings mean I can curl up in my pyjamas and watch TV without guilt

A new bottle of scent YSL Paris Premieres Roses

A delightful dinner at Katharine’s

An unexpected supper with Liz

Sunflowers. This year everywhere seems to be selling sunflowers and I’ve bought se real bunches to cheer up my flat. It is nice to be able to buy seasonal flowers.



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  1. So many lovely things 🙂

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