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Bedtime Stories

October 11, 2013

This evening I was just about to head for Sainsburys when I had a sudden and unexpected summons from my favourite small person. She was having a sleepover with Grandma and wanted Auntie to come and read stories with her.

Needless to say it did not take much persuasion to get me to delay the tedium of the supermarket shop. Instead I spent a glorious hour sharing favourite books with my lovely niece.

We started with an amusing Quentin Blake Angelica Sprocket’s Pockets a gift from her reception class teacher last year and totally new to me. Then we moved on to I Will Not Ever Never Eat a Tomato. This particular book is very popular. She adores tomatoes but she knows her bad influence of an aunt namely me will not consider eating a raw tomato. Strangely I will eat cooked ones. Equally her other aunt my sister considers carrots to be poison. So any book about fussy eaters is guaranteed to fill her ladyship with joy. I think she is like Lola, she thinks she is “too good” to be Lola.

Our last book was actually an audio book Thora Hird reading An Evening at Alfie’s or as my niece calls it Alfie’s drip drip drip story. It was an elderly cassette tape which belonged to me and my brother and her first introduction to that particular elderly piece of technology. She found the idea of having to turn it over completely bewildering. As always though she was enthralled by the story. Strange to think Alfie and Annie Rose would be in their thirties now. I wonder if Mrs MacNally’s Maureen did grow up to be a plumber. She’ll be well off if she did.

I have promised to take her to meet the “Alfie Lady” in November and buy her a signed copy of the new Alfie. She’s very excited. It’s not a bad being a fangirl by the time you are five is it! Truth be told I’m excited at meeting Shirley Hughes again and the existence of a new Alfie.

This evening really was an unexpected joy. I’m so lucky to be able to share favourite authors and characters with my niece. I am so very pleased that she’s already learnt how much pleasure there is to be found in a good book. I’m also pleased that for all she’d like an iPad and can use the Sky Box with ease she still prefers to snuggle up and share a picture book with someone.

If you’re interested I did eventually get to the supermarket so tomorrow’s guests will not be eating peanut butter out of the jar with four teaspoons.


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  1. How lovely 🙂

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