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Things that made me happy in October

November 1, 2013

It may sound crazy but I’m sure making this list is actually making me feel happier. I could concentrate on the petty irritations that are bound to occur but actually dwelling on them makes them assume more importance than they deserve. I’ve been trying really hard not to fret about things I cannot change. Focussing on the good things however small they might be makes me feel so much more positive about life in general.

So in no particular order:

A walk along the Thames one morning before work – I got off the train a stop early especially to make the most of a lovely day


Riding on the carousel in Central Park – my inner five year old was so happy that day.


My niece phoning up to say she loves me

Reading with My niece

The gorgeous bouquet of flowers I bought as a present to me from M&S because they were very reduced – sadly I failed to photograph them.

The London Chalet Groups 20th birthday party – it was fun and I leapt way out of my comfort zone and drove to Pimlico to get there.

The amazing arial view of London at dawn when my plane left Heathrow for Brussels en route to New York – long story. There was an incredible view of Battersea Power Station, Parliament, The Shard and then the O2.

There was a truly magnificent view of the Manhattan skyline when landing at Newark too. I was transfixed. There was a super view from passport control too but cameras were predictably banned.

The Abbey Chronicle has republished Rosaly’s New School – one of the rare EJO’s I never thought I’d own my own copy of and now I do. It’s not the best book in the world but its enjoyable and I’m a completist…

In the recent storm, my flat escaped unscathed.

While shopping in Macy’s I finally found waterproof coat that fits properly. Actually thanks to Macy’s I have a selection of properly fitting clothes and my self esteem has surged upwards.

I managed to sell a huge pile of books at the London Chalet Book Sale. I also managed to ameliorate my inability to count by selling the extra books I ordered in error for the London Bulk Buy at a profit through Amazon marketplace.

I had a splendid dinner out with H and K

My insane friends – especially the one who suggested 45 hours in New York.

Now it is getting colder getting my marshmallow quilt (actually a 13.5 tog quilt) out and snuggling under its warmth every night is a happy thing.

Mum and Dad bought me pretty turquoise earrings from Amalfi

Mellow autumn mornings with that lovely golden pinkish light that follows the dawn.

Kicking piles of fallen leaves

It may not sound a happy thing but I got a huge sense of satisfaction from restoring my watermarked oak sideboard to gleaming polished perfection after a domestic disaster.

I had my midyear review at work and it went exceptionally well. I was told I was a highly accomplished drafter, which to anyone outside my rarefied world means they think I write well.

I received four compliments on my new and admittedly flattering top. Compliments will get you everywhere with this woman. The same day I was told I’m statuesque rather than fat and lumpy. That is not really true but it was pleasing to hear.

I attended my first school governors meeting and it went well. It was a data meeting and I was delighted to realise I not only understood all the data. I could see precisely what should be improved. My old job is standing me in good stead there.

The parcel I sent a friends daughter which purported to be a WW2 food parcel from the dominions as the poor child was enduring a week of food rationing. I did some research and found the closest things I could to the items a food parcel might have contained. I confess I didn’t send tins which would have been historically accurate as I wanted to keep it light enough to go as a small parcel or the postage would have crippled me


The Lewisham Hospital Appeal has been won. A real victory for our community hopefully we will be keeping our A&E.

Lots of lovely postcards from friends.

A fun day out and then a curry for H’s birthday .

Seeing the real Winnie the Pooh in New York Public Library.


The Ritter Sport Tower L and L built in Starbucks today


Carola Dunn’s Cornish Mysteries – light frothy and entertaining reads with a heroine I really like.

My brother has a new job after long term unemployment.

I met my new baby cousin.

I spent an afternoon with my little cousins.

Goodreads – I’m late to the party but I love being able to list and organise my reading as well as see what my friends are reading. If you know me well you’ll have no trouble finding me – most of you already have.

Last but definitely not least I’m really enjoying Kate’s travel blog Searching for Llamas – I’m vicariously enjoying her travels from my armchair and I know what she’s up to. It’s not like my not so distant youth where a friend went travelling and if you were lucky you got the occasional postcard. Sometimes the 21st Century is a splendid thing.


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