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Things that made me happy in November

January 5, 2014

Very very belatedly. I’m well aware I’m behind and now I’m going to try and catch up. Here are the things that made me happy in November (2013).

“November is the most disagreeable month in the whole year.” There will be no prizes if you know who said that as I suspect most of my dear readers will already know exactly who said this and in which book.

I was determined that this November was not going to be disagreeable and on the whole I succeeded. There were many things that made me happy.

Fireworks – some of my friends hate them but I love the colourful explosions in the dark sky. I went to a display in a local school as well as watching the free shows my neighbours put on for days.

Halloween Dinner – every year we celebrate at family on the closest Sunday to Halloween. My niece carves a pumpkin, we decorate the dining room and have Krispy Kreme doughnuts for pudding.

Walking in the dark with my niece. Somehow it’s become a thing we do in winter as she likes to go out with me and “look at the stars”. She doesn’t normally walk in the dark and she loves the opportunity to have ten minutes with me to talk about whatever she likes without interruption.

Fifty Years of the National Theatre – Judi Dench, Maggie Smith, Penelope Wilton, The History Boys – what’s not to like?

Girl’s weekend in Somerset – K’s parents lent us their house and we were able to have a girls weekend. There was eating, drinking, shopping, gossip and National Trusting. Really quite perfect.

Candles and fairylights

Christmas TV ads. John Lewis, Boots and M&S were my favourites

I went to The Ilustration Cupboard to see Shirley Hughes and ask her to sign me a copy of her new book. Alfie’s Christmas. If Alfie had kept pace with his contemporaries he’d be over thirty. This is not really surprising as I grew up with Alfie. I love being able to share him with my niece and watch her growing up with him too. Shirley Hughes was lovely and so kind. She said how much it pleases her to see the first generation introducing Alfie to a new one.

Rose and Violet creams – yum this is all I have to say.

My new CD player. I saw it on special in Tesco. My kitchen one was skipping and sticking and it is such a joy to be able to listen to music or audio books while I cook again

My new memory foam trainers

Realising just how lovely some of the people I work with are

My brother got a job

Crisp autumn morning in the park blue sky, golden sun colour of the leaves and hapless Yorkie trying to stalk a squirrel

K came to stay for the weekend

GGBP republished Wild Goose Quest and I have my own copy at last.

New (to me) Maeve Binchy to read

Unexpected kindness from a colleague

Flowers – this month tulips, alstroemerias and freesias in autumn hues

My cosy hood in the new coat

Albert Bridge lit up in the dark


Shopping with my Mum in Canterbury

The London Eye from the railway line

The first mulled wine and mince pie of the season

Visiting K’s new flat


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