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Happy things in January

March 21, 2014

The first half of January was a struggle. Fortunately the latter part of the month was much better than the beginning.

I completed dry January, survived 31 days without alcohol and proved I can. Not sure I will bother again.

I had a splendid cut and colour which did wonderful things for my self esteem

A new dress from Phase Eight bought in the sales that is surprisingly flattering

Someone I care about who has been very unhappy started to feel better

Cuddles from baby B now six months old

My new baby cousin J was born safely

Something which could have gone disastrously wrong did not and I’m so relieved

I survived the month at times I wasn’t at all sure that I would

Call the Midwife series 3

My pink faux Ostrich (vegetarian you know) Caspari diary

Lunch with A

Shopping and dinner with H

Some lovely Thursday dinners with L, K and B

An early spring clean of my flat

Discovering Rhys Bowen as an author thanks to L and J who kindly lent me the rest of the Royal Spyness series

Finding a big pile of books I wanted to read in Charing Cross library

Listening to Harry Potter read by Stephen Fry – somehow I go back to the audio books in times of trial over and over again

Daffodils – I can afford as many flowers as I like in daffodil season

Rainbow Tulips

Flowering hyacinths

A pink Amaryllis and a red one both absolutely stunning

I have not yet killed my Pointsettia

Bletchley Circle on TV

Belated Twelfth night parties I actually attended two neither on Twelfth night

Olive’s Diary – sad but fascinating

@herdyshepherd – an insight into a totally different life to mine. One of the things that cheered me up.

Dinner at Joe Allen’s with Mum

An unexpected thank you from my Director for doing a good job

Organising a successful away day

A colleague who thanked me for being calm, serene and kind under pressure. I can only assume they do not see the person I see… and they definitely did not see the person who fled to the ladies in tears…

Death in Paradise – the scenery is escapist and it’s light and frothy the TV equivalent of a comfort read


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