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New things in January

March 21, 2014

I’ve completely failed at time management but I have managed to complete the challenge of doing something new every month for a year.

The new places were not exciting. It was a hotel in Gloucester Road where we held our work learning day. It was nothing special but it was new as was the pub over the road where we went for drinks afterwards. I also visited the very swish new offices of one of our delivery partners and I very nearly turned green with envy. The view is just amazing and unlike our rabbit hutches it is full of light and space. Mind you it is probably a good thing I don’t work there as I’d spend all day looking out of the window if I did.

My new author is Rhys Bowen. L gave me two of his Royal Spyness books and I was instantly hooked. The heroine is Lady Georgiana one of Queen Victoria’s Great Grandchildren, she has fallen on hard times and to make ends meet becomes a discreet lady detective. the historical accuracy is questionable and they are not great works of literature but they are light and amusing. The perfect distraction for a person who is trying to escape from reality and in January I was. Happily J was able to lend me the rest.

I spent January still knitting the dolls house bedspread so no new project.

I managed to make quite a good low calorie mushroom stroganoff using low fat cream cheese instead of cream. It would have been better with cream because frankly almost everything is improved by double cream but it was perfectly acceptable. I used a carefully measured amount of sherry and mushroom ketchup which was a new ingredient for me. I’ve used it multiple times since.


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