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New things in November

March 21, 2014

This is only three and a half months late… I can only say a very dull and boring reality got in the way of blogging.

There were several new places in November but I’m going to go with the first new place I went: Stoke sub Hamden in Somerset where we stayed for our girls weekend. We stayed in house with a thatched roof which irresistibly reminded me of “the nice white cottage with the thatched roof” from another popular children’s book even if this cottage was local stone rather than painted white. No prizes but much kudos if you know the book I mean.

This trip also resulted in a new Radley umbrella with orange and red Scottie dogs on it and some very smart new black heels. I’m still breaking the heels in though.

My new recipe was a lentil cottage pie. I created the recipe myself and is composed of green and red lentils cooked in a mix of passata and hot vegetable stock. I added carrots, onions, garlic and mushrooms and a little rosemary, thyme and sage. I was aiming for a low calorie recipe but if I wasn’t I think adding red wine would be an improvement. I topped it with sliced potatoes and a measured amount of cheese (20gm) but if I wasn’t worrying about calories I’d top it with a thick layer of mash and a generous cheese topping.

Note: At Christmas when I was past caring about calories I did cook it with wine and top it with mash and it was indeed sublime.


My new knitting project was a lace one twelfth scale Dolls house bedspread made with white crochet cotton on very fine needles. It was supposed to be a quick project and it might have been if I hadn’t found working at that scale such a strain on my eyes. It turned into December and January’s project as well and ended up being a very late Christmas present indeed for a friend. My Mum loved it and now wants me to try and scale it down even more so I could knit one for her one sixteenth scale dolls house. I’m looking for an appropriate pattern in the right scale rather than trying to change this one.



The new author is Mary Berry. I read her biography and was unexpectedly gripped. I found her strength in the face of tragedy very inspiring. I wish I had her courage. Her response to her son’s death was both wise and brave. When she said of her friend who died in air crash “She was a lovely person. I was so lucky to have known her.” I thought it was such a positive way to view it. It’s the kind of outlook I wish I had and regrettably do not. She appears to be genuinely nice and hard working as well as a person who doesn’t have a bad word to say about anyone. I value kindness almost more than any other quality. She really deserves her success and I admire the grace with which she has approached advancing age.


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  1. dawn permalink

    With mother and father and Grandma and Grandpa and Aunty and Uncle and Topsy the cat and Toby the dog……..

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