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Things that made me happy in February

March 22, 2014

I’m catching up with four months of blog posts at last. Spring is here and my motivation has returned with it. So without further ado here are the things that made me happy in February. I promise I’m going to try and remember to start carry my camera around with me again so you get illustrated posts.

As always my lovely friends made me smile.

Cuddling baby Jessica who is tiny, beautiful and perfect.

Steph reading Charlie and Lola to me all by herself. I love watching her develop as a reader and start enjoying sharing stories with me instead of the other way around.

Introducing Steph to My Naughty Little Sister – she immediately noticed that the pictures look like the Alfie lady ones… I am creating another Shirley Hughes fan.

A friend’s well deserved promotion.

My cousin’s small son telling me I choose the bestest books. He was pleased with the Alfie book I gave him as a belated Christmas present. Another small fan in the family. Apparently his big brother enjoyed it too.

The JK Rowling interview – I’ve been vindicated after all this time. I always said Ron and Hermione were not meant to be.

A night at the ballet – a mixed bill and a totally unexpected treat.

Candy Crush – a friend introduced me to it and my boss told me it was good distraction after nightmares. She was right – the problem is I’m now addicted.

The Daschund riding in a bag on my train.

Leaving work while it is still light.

I’m going to be an aunt again in August (I’ve known this for a while but it was a secret).

Going to Glasgow meeting A for the first time and putting a face to a name.

Managing to see the Vettriano exhibition before it closed and the kindness of the staff at Kelvingrove.

The ease of using London City – my new favourite airport. I landed at 8:20pm and by 8:55 I was sitting in my armchair with my feet up sipping tea.

Baby Grace arrived safely and her Mummy was just fine.

Thursday night dinners in GBK with L and B.

Getting my knitting mojo back.

Another friend’s good news.

The Museum of London followed by a slightly boozy dinner with H and K.

A walk across the Millennium Bridge and along Bankside in the dark.

A belated family Christmas dinner with my cousins.

A rather nice evening at S’s eating pizza and garlic bread.

Book club meeting and catching up with people I’ve not seen for a while.

A morning spent in the primary school where I am a governor observing lessons and talking to the children.

My outside pots bloomed and it looked like Spring outside.

Snowdrops growing by the station.

Crocuses in St James Park.

A half term lunch with my niece. If I’m honest I’m not that keen on Pizza Hut but she loves it. We also took her to the National Gallery for the first time. She was fascinated and liked Rousseau’s Tiger and Seurat’s The Bathers. She’s only five so we made it a quick visit but she’s already asked to go back.

A postcard from my friends who went to Orkney.

Bluestone 42 on TV.


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  1. Sounds like you had a good february!

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