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Things that made me happy in March

May 6, 2014

March ended 36 days ago but somehow this list has not yet made it to the blog.

If February was a happier month than January then March was pleasanter still. There is no avoiding the fact that I was not designed for winter. As the weather gets warmer and the days longer so my mood improves and if I am honest I just find it easier to be happy.

I received a special bonus at work – it was a small sum but very welcome recognition of just how hard I work and what I have achieved.

In the middle of March I had a short break in Southern Italy with a friend. The light, the warmth and the sea were a complete turning point and my optimism and motivation returned. There were oranges on trees in mid March!


As part of the trip I had a day trip to Capri and I think I left part of my heart there.




We also visited Pompeii and Herculaneum – suddenly the centuries rolled back and the Cambridge Latin course was real. Some people don’t like this garden because it has been planted to be as it might have been before Versuvius erupted and they don’t think it is right. I liked it because it made it all seem closer. I could imagine the woman whose garden had been her pride and joy. Who liked to sit outside and drink wine, sew and gossip with her friends. Our lives are millennia apart and yet some things don’t change.


The Amalfi coast was more beautiful than I had imagined. For those who read Lorna Hill’s Saddlers Wells books Amalfi is also where Rosanna Corelli was from.


I won £25 on the lottery.

I bought myself a big bunch of rainbow tulips.

There was blossom on the trees …


… and crocuses in the park.

My Magnolia tree is shooting and I thought it had died. I had no flowers this year (which is a pity after last year’s display) but hopefully I will next year.

The new Stylist app which means I can read it on my iPad.

My baby sister finally had a proper graduate job where she’s actually paid a fair salary. She’s been exploited for far too long.

I managed to replace the leaky shower hose all by myself.

I haven’t killed my Poinsettia yet… A first for me they are normally dead by the end of the first week in January.

Delightful visit to a friends new home – her first place of her own.

The view across London from the train into Victoria – if only I could take photos through the train windows.

Some lovely snail mail – I am very lucky in my friends.

Getting some much needed extra resource at work so I can continue to meet the standards I’ve set.

Friends coming to dinner.

Afternoon tea at FGT.

A lovely gossipy chat with my cousin.

Managing to balance the books – a miracle.

Being kicked out of the pub at closing time – it’s a very long time since the last time that happened.

K’s birthday dinner in Staines.

Festooning my flat in bunting and fairy lights because I could.



Flowers from friends.


A drive through Kent and Surrey on a sunny day – it is such a pity I can’t take photos and drive safely.

The intense satisfaction of beating the insurance companies at their own game.

Playing ticket to ride – I will play that again.

Spring in St James Park – my morning walks to work from the station were a pleasure.

A thank you note.

Making Limoncello trifle.

Finishing baby Jessica’s cardigan.


Light evenings.

A really complimentary piece of 360 feedback at work.


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  1. I fell in love with Italy the first time I visited. Hopefully I’ll be able to return before too long. Light evenings make such a difference to my wellbeing too!

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