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Things that made me happy in May

July 12, 2014

It seems as if May was a long time ago and that’s probably because it was. However there were happy things in May so it’s only right I should share them albeit belatedly.

On the first day of May I went out with my friend L. We’d not seen each other for a year so spent a delightful afternoon and evening catching up. It culminated in cocktails in the Strand Palace Hotel which has turned itself into a Gin Palace. There were no complaints from me.


I had a lovely sunny walk in a local park known as The Pleasance. It surrounds the Tudor Barn once the home of Margaret Roper now a restaurant. The park is on the site of the house where E Nesbit lived when she wroteThe Railway Children hence the sculptures inspired by Five Children and It.




I finished the quilt I’d been making.


A belated birthday present of Fortnum’s tea and biscuits from knit2pointe2


Lilac. I love Lilac the scent and the colour both make me smile and it was a joy passing this tree everyday on my way to the station.


There were baby goslings in St James Park.


Pimmy’s birthday party

Learning to insert contact lenses

Breakfast with my team at the Cinnamon Club

First Lily of the Valley flowers


Watching Born and Bred with my Mum on our monthly TV evening

Enthusiastic greeting from Steph when I babysat – she loves her quilt

Supper at FGT

Friends for dinner

Watching My First Coppelia with my niece

Reading Angela Thirkell for the first time thanks to L and realising what I’d been missing

Day at Southsea with H



Evening out with the other H

My new blue crochet dress

Exploring Hoxton and Spitalfields with L

A Brick Lane Curry

Kindness from people I may not have deserved but definitely needed

New glasses – the simple joy of clear vision

Another trip to C&H Fabrics in Canterbury where yet again they came up trumps with exactly what I needed for a project

My Scottie Dog from Edinburgh – he still needs a name


I wasn’t happy I needed to go back on steroids in May but I’m very happy that they worked and also that we have a health service which is free at point of use so I could ask for help without fear of a big bill.

Finding hardbacks of The Camp Mystery, Damaris at Dorothy’s and The Testing of the Torment in the Oxfam bookshop in Canterbury. All three books cost me £50 and Torment and Mystery have dust wrappers. I am aware if you are not a girlsowner this amazing find will be meaningless to you but if you’re not… I practically danced out of the shop.


A belated day out in Canterbury for my Mum’s birthday

Coming top in my large Government Department for something which really matters – wish I’d got a bonus rather than warm Prosecco and nibbles but one cannot have everything. There’s quite a bit of kudos in ones name being right at the top f the list.

Watching the last performance of We Will Rock You at the Dominion Theatre. Brian May and Roger Taylor performed live. What more can I say…

I am also happy because I finally got around to taking my winter coat to be dry cleaned and washed all the hats, scarves and gloves that have been floating around since the winter. They are now all put tidily away. Better late than never


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