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Happy things in June

July 30, 2014

I have just realised July is almost over and I still haven’t posted June’s happy things. I fear I will always be a procrastinator extraordinaire. So without further ado and before it is August here is my record of June’s small joys.

Birdkeeper’s cottage in St James Park. I pass this tiny cottage almost everyday on my way to work and this tiny country cottage in the midst of Central London never fails to please me. If you look at the right angle you could almost be on a great estate somewhere very rural instead of being in spitting distance of parliament. I think I like the garden even more. It is so in keeping with the cottage and so incongruous in a Royal Park.


There were baby ducklings in the park to make me smile.


There was a rather nice evening in with my Mum involving watching The Crimson Field, rose and violet creams and knitting/ crochet.

I had a gorgeous bunch of peonies. I love peonies but they are so expensive and their season is so short.


I took my Mum and a Dad to see Relative Values with Caroline Quentin. Mum and I both love Noel Coward anyway and my Dad always enjoys a good comedy. Dad described it as a proper old fashioned farce and went home happy. Caroline Quentin was absolutely superb. She is if anything a better stage actress than she is a TV one.

Dinner out out with H

A good gossip on the phone with K

Dinner at the Turkish with my parents and sister

Girls night out with my mum, sister, godmother and god sisters

A sunny Sunday picnic in the park complete with dogs and small people

Going to see Good People with H – Imelda Staunton was amazing in this. The set was very clever and the dialogue faultless. The concept of who is good and what makes a good person was thoroughly examined and yet no conclusions were rammed down my throat.

I don’t have to have foot surgery. This is a big cause for celebration. My foot has been incredibly sore. I put off doing anything about it because I was being a spineless jellyfish (kudos if you know the reference) as it had been suggested it would probably mean surgery. Then the pain became so bad I could scarcely walk. Concluding I couldn’t limp for the rest of my life I decided anything would be better than this even 12 weeks on crutches. I also decided if my Great Aunt could be brave enough to have her hip replaced at 81, I could be brave enough to see a doctor and do something about it. The GP diagnosed severe Achilles Tendonitis said he thought I’d need surgery and urgently referred me to an Orthopaedic Surgeon. The lovely man rubber stamped my GP’s diagnosis but decreed no surgery and recommended intensive physio. I was delighted.

B’s first birthday party

First barbecue of the year

A flattering request – not sure if I will accept but flattering none the less

The Two Form Captains – I’ve never been able to afford my own copy of this rare EJO but thanks to The Abbey Chronicle I now have my own copy albeit a paperback. This makes me very happy and it is a rattling good read in the best girlsown tradition too.

A lovely cut and colour from the always amazing Jess

Trip to Calais for shopping, food and wine



Waffles and cream just over the border in Belgium



Standing at the Menin Gate remembering and being grateful to those who simply vanished into the Flanders mud and thankful I live in a world without the fear and uncertainty so many women endured. I thought too of the courage of those who played the Last Post at 8pm whenever they could in WW2 even though they knew if they were caught they would be shot! I hope I will never have to live through such madness.



Buying my favourite chocolate in Carrefour


The market at Calais – I wished I could bring the fruit and veg home and these Anemones were just stunning.


Meeting Maisie – my godmother’s new dog. She’s such a friendly affectionate little dog.

Posh Afternoon Tea in Kent

Finishing Steph’s cardigan

Dealing with several things I’d been procrastinating about for too long. The relief of not feeling guilty about not having done them is enormous.

I managed to go swimming for the first time in ages.

A big bunch of Sunflowers

The first Roast dinner since a Easter

An unexpected meeting with my Uncle and Aunt

New authors Trisha Ashley and Elizabeth Taylor. They are very different and yet both are a gripping read. Taylor is technically better but a slow burn whereas Ashley is a page turner.

Contactless payment card. The simple my of being able to leap on and off buses at will without wondering if there is money on my Oyster card. Solves the cashless bus problem and my fear of being left stranded.

Surprise chocolate from K


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