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Things that made me happy in July

August 3, 2014

I’m doing well, July has only been over three days and I’m writing this.

July has been a good month mostly because the sun has shone. Hence I have an incredibly long list of things which made me happy last month.

My walk to work and indeed back again has been sunny and pleasant. I’ve had to work hard to resist the temptation to linger in the park. Summer or not I can’t be late for work.

The intensive Physio is working for me. I can’t say I’ve enjoyed the process it’s been hard work and at times painful but I look and feel so much better. I don’t limp anymore, my painkiller consumption is vastly reduced and my colleagues tell me I look an inch taller and several years younger. The downside is the ghastly tendon tape I had to wear on both legs in various neon shades. I’ve done so well I only need one session a week from now on instead of two. The moral of that story is don’t soldier on hoping it will go away. Consult a specialist sooner rather than later.

There are Cygnets in St James Park. When I took this at the beginning of July they were an enchanting mix of grey feathers and white fluff!

A rather lovely Afternoon tea at C & K’s complete with a teapot wreathed in Ivy and hydrangeas on the table. The food was really rather delicious too.

The view from C & K’s sitting room window. They have a lovely light filled spacious flat but the view from the window was the chief selling point in my opinion. Just as my window seat sold me my flat.

The view of London between Nunhead and Victoria. Between a unheard and Victoria the railway line is elevated above the level of the houses and the view across London is superb. At different times I can see Battersea Power Station, the Shard, the Thanes, Canary Wharf, The London Eye even on a good day St Paul’s and this month the light levels have been such that visibility has been superb. I only wish I could take photos but South Eastern train windows don’t allow for photography.

Canterbury with H

Dinner at The Marine Hotel

Walking on Tankerton beach

Dinner at The Turkish

Mastering a rather complicated knitted cable pattern and finishing my first Christmas present into the bargain. This hat is destined for my Mummy and eventually will have a matching scarf.


The Great House of Estraville. I have never read this Violet Needham as it’s one of her rarer books. Now thanks to GGBP I haven’t only read it. I own it. To be honest it’s not one of Needham’s best books the pace meanders and the plot is almost non existent but it is Ruritanian and there’s a lovely sense of place.


Trying out the Mexican restaurant in the High St. There was delicious food and a rather splendid Mojito. I’ll be back.

The first Sweet Peas of the season. I love Sweet Peas and fail miserably at growing them in pots no matter how hard I try. These came from my Mum’s garden and made me happy while they lasted.

I’ve been lucky with flowers this month. I’ve enjoyed Alostromeria, Gladioli, Sunflowers, Roses and Pinks. These pinks came from Stratton Ground Market and say on my desk at work so made my colleagues happy too.

My parents went to Alaska (Oh to be a ‘poor pensioner’) and bought me back some lovely earrings in blue and silver.

I’ve been going to my physio sessions (autocorrect changed physio to punishing which is strangely apt.) in the City on the No 11 bus and it is a typical tourist route. It takes me past Big Ben and the Houses of Parluament, up Whitehall round Trafalgar Square and up The Strand. From there it goes past The a Royal Courts of a Justice up Fleet Steet, round Ludgate Circus and has a magnificent view of St Paul’s. I get off just after it passes Bank. I think the bus trips have been the silver lining of needing physio. Sometimes hating the tube has its advantages.

Post work and post physio happy hour cocktails in Spitalfields. Surely a balanced diet is a cocktail in each hand. My friend L claims they are happiness and joy in a glass.

Friday Night Pimms

Dinner with S in a lovely Italian

A work Champagne celebration

An unexpected compliment from the outgoing Director

The view as my bus crossed London Bridge – the photo of this was hopelessly blurry but this one of Monument with The Shard in the background is a little clearer. It was taken on a 48 between Liverpool Street and London Bridge. I feel TFL should make bus windows more photo friendly.


There was a glorious ring around the moon one night. My photo is pretty hopeless I think I need a better camera for that sort of thing. My little Kodak aim and fire isn’t up to it.

Thunderstorms – if only I could have photographed the truly spectacular lightening. The storms were very welcome as the reduced the humidity albeit temporarily.

Dad fixed my leaky roof – an unexpected and unforeseen consequence of the storms was water in my hall where I absolutely didn’t want it to be. My father got his ladder out, traced the source of the leak – a blocked gutter on my porch roof and fixed it. When it’s all dry I shall have to patch the decoration but it’s not as bad as it could be.

I gave an afternoon tea at my flat using my birthday vintage tea set, inherited crystal, my Nanna’s embroidered tablecloth and hung bunting.


I served homemade lemon curd ice cream which was pronounced delicious.

I’ve not forgotten how to plot a cross stitch chart or how to cross stitch

Postcards and other snail mail

Winning my appeal against an unjust parking ticket. They are annoying enough when you are in the wrong but being fined when you bought a ticket and did not overstay is just not on. Luckily whoever handled my appeal agreed.

I have 12 coloured sharpies!

Six new to me dresses from a clothes swap

Trip to Bromley

Belated Birthday gift from K – new MEA to read

Starmints- these may be cheap as chips and handed out free in the USA but I love them. Fond childhood memories I think. Anyway my parents bought me back a bag.

H came to stay

My ceiling fan has made me happy every hot and humid night this month. It remains the best £40 I’ve ever spent.

K came to stay

I took K for a River bus ride from Bankside to Woolwich. I’ve not done it for years but it was lovely. London is beautiful from the river. Just the right weather for it too.


We also went to see Great Britain at the National. Billie Piper was superb and I was pleased to see Oliver Chris is even better on the stage than he is on TV. The police chief completely stole the show though. I was also thrilled to discover that Amex account holders can get priority booking and discounts. I don’t have one but I know someone who does…


My niece was six! How has that happened? Anyway we went for her now traditional picnic on Greatstone beach to celebrate. It involved paddling, sand writing, kite flying, burying Grandad in sand, ice cream, the funfair at Dymchurch and this year a new amusement in the firm of a donkey ride. As always the day concluded with fish and chips – in my case just chips as fish isn’t vegetarian.

I received an amazing parcel from A. My friends do know me so very well.


I was able to borrow a large fan to cool my downstairs and prevent me from melting.

My niece’s garden birthday party. This involved friends, family, food and Champagne. There are no photos due to an accident involving the camera and champagne but a good time was had by all.

I have new shoes. They aren’t particularly pretty in fact the biggest advantage of my Skechers sandals is that they don’t look like something my grandmother wouldn’t be seen dead in and I certainly would not wear alive. However the physio approves and I can eschew my trainers and walk almost pain free.

A very positive meeting with the incoming director at work where I was told I was considered to be business critical and the prospect of me moving on was a big risk. My rotation date has been renegotiated.

Then almost at the end if the month there was tangible evidence of how much better I am. I was able to get out of the pool under my own steam without using the steps. My arms could manage most of it but I just couldn’t push up with my feet. Now I can.

And my writer’s block went away. I wrote 6,000 plus words in July after months of nothing.


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