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Happy Things in October

November 14, 2014

Oddly enough I cannot find many photos for October. Well I can but they all contain small people and so I can’t use them here. It wasn’t an exciting month like September but one can hardly expect that. However there were happy things in October.

A pleasing mid year review at work – I’m jolly good at what I do and I earn my pay. It’s nice to have that recognised.

St James Park – never a disappointment I love it more now the tourists are heading home

Granchester on the TV. I love Sidney Chambers and must get my hands on the books.

A day of small joys: The travel Gods were with me, clean black trousers when I thought I had none, I wore a new top, had a lovely lunchtime sandwich, there was a book I wanted to read in the library and I found my lost glasses case.

Dinner out with K, L and H

Meeting Pimmy in the park

A pizza night in with Mum and sister

Giving little niece her bottle

A colleague’s birthday drinks

Dahlias in the cottage in the park

The mellow golden light of autumn mornings – the mornings when the sun shines anyway

A good swim

My DM’s which I’ve had since I was a student are still watertight. This meant I could splash in puddles with big niece with impunity.

Realising my judgement is sound I can’t elaborate but it mattered and I made the right call.

Baking again – I’ve not baked for a while for various reasons but it makes me happy when I do. My colleagues enjoyed consuming my efforts too.

My little niece was christened and my mother’s fears of purgatory have been assuaged (NB we are not Catholic but she was Convent educated before Vatican 2.)

Chrysanthemums from the garden

Teaching big niece to sing Singin in the Rain

The colours of the leaves especially the glorious deep red Virginia Creeper on a garden wall on the way to the station.

Preparing L’s parcel.


Dinner with K, L, B and S

H’s birthday dinner at The Fable.

New recipe book – I’ve cooked 5 recipes thus far and they’ve all been delicious.

Mum’s pleasure in the anniversary present

There’s one more thing to try before foot surgery is inevitable

The pharmacist’s assistant who was very kind and went above and beyond for me when I was collecting my prescriptions while my asthma was behaving badly.

Someone very kind at work who gave me lots of practical help and support at very short notice when I really needed it.

My friends who lend me lots of lovely books to read

Visiting the poppies at the Tower

My niece in Foyles again

Shiny new nail polish


Two new books I’d been wanting to read. I feel guilty that they didn’t come from an independent bookshop but I was in the supermarket they were there and I felt I deserved a reward for having to experience the eight layer of hell that is a supermarket on a Saturday morning.


A colleague repaired a necklace which had belonged to my late Great Aunt. I adored her and I love her Venetian beads. It’s lovely to be able to wear them again.

A moment of pure fangirl joy. I’ve no intention of explaining further but I’m very happy.


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