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September Joys

November 14, 2014

I think September was the busiest month of 2014 thus far.

I ended up having an unexpected awfully big adventure when suddenly the opportunity to go to Las Vegas came up. Most people think of cocktails, casinos and gambling when they think of Vegas I thought of The Grand Canyon and booked my flights!

I also ended up travelling around 14,300 miles and visiting five cities in eight days because I’d already had trips to Croatia and France planned. There was even a brief stop in New York if only there’d been time to leave the airport.

I’m sorry but there will be fewer photos in the blog because search engines started picking up photos of big niece and that isn’t appropriate so there won’t be photos of small people here any more they deserve their privacy as much as anyone else does.

I went for a splendid dinner to celebrate K’s birthday. We ate by the river with a fantastic view of Tower Bridge and the Tower.



Cocktails in The Shard with Mum and T

Work Quiz night – my team lost but we had a good time

A trip to the Park with my big niece

The roof garden on the Southbank

Mapping the Thames exhibition it was fascinating to realise how little has changed

The glorious view on an evening walk from Jubilee Bridge to Tower Bridge

A wonderful cut and colour – nothing gives me a bigger confidence boost than a really good hairdo.

Dinner at the new Italian in the high st. It was delicious

Two bars of my favourite chocolate from France

Finishing the sampler for my parents Ruby Wedding Anniversary in time and without blinding myself

A happy evening planning the Vegas trip with S

Snuggles with little niece

Chrysanthemums from L


A trip to Foyles with big niece she was ecstatic when she saw the choice in the children’s department and became very very excited.

Big niece enjoying the fountains at the Southbank

Big niece and the river bus

Evening out with L

Pleasing discovery about the Pension scheme

Being selected as a professional mentor – means I’m recognised as one of the best in my field

Big niece’s joy at her trip to the airport

Dubrovnik City Walls

Aperol Spritz – actually I didn’t think much of it but I’m glad to have tried it.


Gelato in Dubrovnik

Pancakes for breakfast

Dubrovnik old town



Boat ride around the Old Town

Game of thrones fort – I’ve never watched it but it was still intriguing


Cable car to Mount Sdr

Lunch on a terrace on the mountain overlooking the old town


There were lots and lots of cats in Dubrovnik and this made me very happy.



I visited the Elaphiti Islands and fell in love with them. They were just so beautiful.



I also took the opportunity to paddle in the Adriatic . It was so warm and clean.

I flew back from Dubrovnik on Thursday lunchtime with British Airways – I would like to add that I prefer BA to Monarch who I made the outbound journey with. For a start BA don’t charge me for my cup of tea. Then on Friday morning I fulfilled my promise to my mother to drive her to Calais.

I was very proud of myself – I drove us there and back without incident. There were no tears and no tantrums and I did not get lost.

We went down to Le Touquet and wandered on the beach. There was a splendid chocolate shop and we had ice cream sundaes.


Dinner in our favourite Calais restaurant, there’s nothing vegetarian on the menu but the chef always cooks me something special.

Calais market, Dahlias, fruit and Veg.




Carrefour so much delightful fresh food, chocolate and cheese

I finished little niece’s cardigan as modelled by Teddy Edward


My first sight of Las Vegas from the plane


The Bellagio Fountains I can’t express how happy seeing them made me


The Neon Boneyard

Shopping in Macy’s

Making it back to Jo Ann’s at last – just look at all that lovely yarn!


Watching The Strip light up from the Eiffel Tower Observation Deck

La Reve at the Wynn Hotel this was amazing theatre. A bit like Cirque Du Solei but in water. The stage is a huge round swimming pool. There was synchronised swimming, music, acrobatics and a very fragile plot. I loved it.

I loved the Flamingos at the Flamingo


The floral display in the Conservatory at The Bellagio



Eating gelato in the Venetian

The Grand Canyon – I spent about 36 hours in planes, helicopters, coaches and cars and travelled around 12,000 miles to see it. It was worth of all of it because the Grand Canyon was everything I imagined it would be and more. It was spectacular, magnificent and awe inspiring.


I am incredibly proud of myself for overcoming my terror and going in a helicopter to see the bottom of the Canyon and the Colorado River.

I saw the Hoover Dam.


The efforts everybody went to to get the Bone Marrow on our flight home safely to its recipient whoever they are. I was inspired, humbled by the way everyone the courier, airline, other passengers, all the airport and air traffic control pulled together to get that bone marrow across the Atlantic to the person whose life it might change. It was one of those events that helps me to believe the best of people and that there are more good people than bad in the world. I might add that bone marrow travelled from Newark to London in six hours and five minutes.

Lady Dinah’s Cat Emporium – I went with L and K to see the cats and pet them. See the cat on L’s hot chocolate.


American magazines – I love a good American magazine. Southern Living, Martha Stewart they all make me happy.

The return of Downton Abbey


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  1. Michelle permalink

    Lovely post and photos! I really enjoyed it. 🙂

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