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November’s small joys

December 29, 2014

It’s almost the end of December so November’s post is more than a little overdue. What can I say other than the road to hell is paved with good intentions.

So what pleasant things happened in November?

I spent a really happy time reading with my big niece. She’s coping with more and more complex books and she’s currently loving Paddington. As I love Paddington too we are both happy.

I met my friend H for dinner at a rather nice Italian in Villiers Street.

Mum and I went for our annual Christmas shopping day in Canterbury. We had a lovely lunch and I bought the first of many Christmas presents – a fluffy white polar bear for little niece.

Watching the Fireworks with S – even if we did get drenched.

Dinner at Bluewater with my Mum and sister

A three figure refund from my energy company and sorting out a more sensible deal.

Meeting F for dinner. It’s been literally years since I’ve seen her and there was gossip and a Brick Lane curry. A first for her.

My Orchid is producing buds for the first time in more than two years.


The beautiful Dahlias I bought from a stall in Bromley

My first Lush bubble bath for ages I don’t know why I left it so long. I was even happier when I discovered that Lush bath melts can be used in conjunction with my emollients. The emollient doesn’t lose its efficacy and I still get a scented bubble bath.

Halloween Dinner – it was a bit late but big niece and I had a lovely walk in the dark.

A lovely post work dinner with S and L.

It was a good month for reading:
I acquired my own copy of Maura Kay’s Masha from Margin Note Books
I found the Granchester books they are better than the TV series as is nearly always the case.
I own Maidlin to the Rescue at last
The Mary Stewart novels L lent me.

I am once again grateful to corticosteroids for keeping me breathing. It was an 11 day course which led to unpleasant side effects but I know without them I’d be in a poor way. In tandem I’m jolly grateful to the NHS for fast appropriate medical care (in the middle of the night) when I needed it without a hideous bill.

The kindness of a stranger – she noticed me limping in the high st and asked if she could help. She couldn’t but she noticed and bothered to ask.

Unknown Soldier Service. This is an annual event marking the arrival of the body of the Unknown Soldier at platform 8 on Victoria station on 10 November 1920. I find it very poignant to think that 94 years later people still come to remember. They don’t close all of a Victoria Station down but the whole station fell silent at 8:32pm the time the train arrived.

I’m more used to it in rush hour with the caphony of thousands of commuters. This was very different and I was suddenly fighting back tears thinking about the family who never knew the man they loved lies in Westminster Abbey. And all those others who are “known unto God” and whose final resting place isn’t as grand as the Abbey.


I finished baby Rose’s cardigan. In line with the new ukase on other people’s children it is modelled by Teddy Edward.


Finally meeting baby Rose. She was simply adorable and I had a lovely hug.

Cuddles from my nieces

A delicious dinner at K and C’s where we played

My grandmother’s pleasure when I painted her nails

Progress on complex legal thing there is light at the end of what turned out to be a very long tunnel.

As always my friends who made everything better.

Finding Always and Everyone on ITV Encore I loved it the first time round and I’m enjoying it now.

Finishing my fairy godmother’s Christmas present.

Central heating – I have given thanks that I can get up in a warm house multiple times.

I needed to spend£40 to get a £6 discount on my grocery shop. I managed to spend £40.02.

Big niece and I went out for Sunday breakfast and to Christmas shop. We both had fun and I think it may become an annual tradition.

The bucket of tea I was served with the above breakfast. I took a photo but cannot get it from my elderly dumb phone to this.

Dinner at Pimmy’s – uproarious and ridiculous conversation.

A new to me dress that makes me happy.

Lovely soft PJ’s.

The new ATM that has been installed at my local corner shop – a gift to the lazy. I mean me.

Decorating my grandmother’s room in the nursing home for Christmas. She has always loved Christmas and she was so happy when I’d hung lights for her.


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  1. This post makes me smile 🙂

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