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January – a quiet but happy month

February 10, 2015

Somehow we are already ten days into February and I still haven’t blogged about the things that made me happy in January. However there’s no time like the present.

Circumstances have meant that most of January was spent on the sofa. This is because I have already fulfilled part of my New Year’s resolution to sort out the problem with my feet. I screwed up all my courage and allowed them to operate on my worst foot.

It had been a very quiet and quite solitary month but despite immobility and some pain it has not been without its happy moments. There’s a quote in Anne of Green Gables, if I’m honest it’s rather twee but it sums it up “if the path set before her feet was to be narrow she knew that flowers of quiet happiness would bloom along it”.

I began the year by winning at Trivial Pursuit. It was more by luck than good management but still gratifying.

Last year New Years Day was a terrible anti climax. I stayed inside all day and was frankly very miserable it wasn’t a good start to 2014. This year I was determined to do better. So I recruited three like minded friends and arranged a day trip to start the new year on a high note. We drove to the Kent Coast and enjoyed a delicious lunch at The Marine Hotel in Tankerton and afterwards we went for a five mile stomp along Tankerton beach. It was a lovely beginning for 2015. There is kudos but no prizes for spotting the children’s book reference in the photo.

My boss gave me some delightful chocolates in return for lending her an embroidery pattern.

Before my solitary confinement. I managed 4 days back at work where I cleared the decks and managed to fit in a pizza night with my Mum and sister to watch the Call the Midnight Christmas Special – the rest of the family don’t want to watch so we always have a girls evening to watch it together.

There was a lovely last hurrah before being confined to the sofa with L, K and S. We had a splendid dinner out and a gossip.

Then my surgery went very well. I’d been warned about multiple things that could go wrong but none of them did. The severe pain I’d been told to expect didn’t materialise. It was almost a pity. I was offered morphine and didn’t want or need it. My pain levels were very low and I reacted well to the GA. So well that I came round and immediately asked for a cup of tea which was promptly produced. The only unfortunate event was that the wound began bleeding as I was about to be discharged and I had to stay in hospital overnight but I’d always known that was a possibility and had prepared for it. The splendid breakfast they bought me in bed more or less made up for that. I was incredibly well looked after and everyone surgeon, anaesthetist, nurses, physio and pantry staff were so kind and helpful.


If I’m honest everyone was kind to me and very helpful. I had lots of visitors all of whom were happy to do anything that might make my life a little easier or more comfortable while I recovered.

Tulips – the pink ones I bought myself, yellow ones from Mum, Rainbow ones from Pimmy.

The first daffodils of this year.

My Amaryllis has beautiful bright red flowers. I love Amaryllis they are one if the things that brighten January for me.

My great aunt’s Orchid is flowering for the first time in two years. I’ve cherished it since she died but it hasn’t really done anything for ages then suddenly there are spectacular flowers again.

My Christmas hyacinths from A beginning to grow.

Kind friends lending me books and DVDs to keep my occupied while I was confined.

I received so much lovely post.

K cooking me dinner fabby stuffed peppers.

P cooking dinner, changing a lightbulb and cleaning my bathroom – what true friendship.

Cuddles from big niece.

Meeting baby R again.

Orchid from fairy godmother.

January TV: Father Brown, Broadchurch, Call the Midwife, Death in Paradise.

The joy of being set free of non weight bearing and the despised cast. Even if it did look a trifle horrific.

But it was better after a bath

The joy of my first hot bubble bath when I was released from plaster. I had a Lush bath melt and enjoyed a long hot soak.

Choosing the food I wanted in the supermarket when I could go out again. Small things you know…

The first cup of tea in bed for 15 days.

My colleagues sent me gorgeous flowers. Once I was working remotely from the sofa they also took turns to phone me to keep me in touch with the office and share all the gossip.

My sofa of convalescence – a complete bargain from the charity shop purchased when my surgeon said I must be able to lay flat. It turns out to be so comfortable I might keep it despite its lack of aesthetic appeal.

S who kindly accompanied me for a little walk.

Selling a redundant knitting book for a truly ridiculous sum.

K and H who helped me celebrate my freedom with curry and wine.

Thermal tea mug from K to help solve my inability to carry a hot drink when on crutches.

Finishing Steph’s Christmas cardigan only 25 days late.

The lovely podiatrist who spent 50% longer than I’d paid for sorting out the mess that was my post surgery feet.

B came for lunch, gossip and to help me sort out the horror that is the GGBP bulk buy January Sale order. Roughly 100 books to sort and allocate them.



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  1. So pleased that the whole experience turned out to be better than expected!

  2. I’m so glad your op and recovery were(are) smooth. I find a quiet January filled with small pleasures very rejuvenating after the bustle of Christmas.

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