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Happy things in March

April 21, 2015

March was another happy month. Generally there are lots of small joys if you remember to appreciate them and I really am trying.

I made my first trip to Versailles with K and H. It was fascinating however I was sad that unlike Joey and Madge there were no ghosts of the past there for me.

I have a teapot for work – it’s so civilised to be able to make a nice pot of tea and the ritual is excellent stress relief

Taking small niece to play on the swings in the park for the first time this year

Call the Midwife evening with my Mum and sister

Cocktails and dinner with the girls in TGI Fridays



Discovering that I can get John Lewis orders delivered to the Little Waitrose near work
A line has been drawn under something completely ghastly. I can’t elaborate but the outcome was the best it possibly could be for everyone under the circumstances
Royal Assent Party – the joy of finally getting the Bill you have been contributing to for months through Parliament
Walking in St James Park – daffodils, crocuses and snowdrops
Walking in our local park
Blue skies and going to work in daylight
Elizabeth is Missing – moving, heartbreaking, unputdownable
Mother’s Day dinner at the Turkish restaurant
Cut and Colour
Comic relief Bake Sale we raised rather more than £200 with cake and I’m as always amazed by the generosity of my colleagues 
Kenwood House and the view of Hampstead Heath
Visiting my sister’s new house
Dinner with H and K
Italian with Mum
Making meringues and perfecting my piping
Last day at work. I was very sad to be leaving my fantastic colleagues and nearly cried but they said some lovely things and gave me some amazing gifts. They know me well and I felt spoilt
A note big niece wrote herself which said “I love you because you love me even when I’m bad.”
Bluestone 42 returned and broke my heart
K’s birthday party
The other K’s home cooked Sunday lunch
Exciting new job
Glorious view on the way to work I could see so much of London laid out from the elevated section of the railway line London Eye, the Abbey, Parliament, St Paul’s, the Shard, Gherkin, Canary Wharf. Just perfect
My Leaving do – cocktails and afternoon tea with lovely people
Nightmarish legal matter is finally over and done with after 18 months. I can now say my lease is extended to 2150 and I need never think about it again.
@herdyshepherd’s sheepdog puppies they absolutely entrance me. You should’ve follow him
A Catallus quote that suddenly made sense of something 
Dinner and cocktails with the girls
Dim Sum in China Town
A new Hamish Macbeth novel to read
The library had the Silkworm and the Third Granchester book – I’ve wanted to read both for ages
I have a new author to read which makes me so happy

Magnolia Tree – when the magnolias blossom I know Spring is on its way

Waste disposal thingie when I was off sick and needed looking after Dad noticed that the thingie that covered my waste disposal wasn’t working and sprayed tea leaves and eggshell everywhere so he bought me a new one – I didn’t know you could.

There are new shops in the local high st – an unwanted pawn shop has become a traditional sweet shop and an empty shop now provides art and craft activities for children. This gives me hope that things are getting better here
D came to stay
My foot has healed enough that for the first time in 2015 I could take my niece out for a walk after Sunday dinner albeit not in the dark.

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