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Drowning in stuff

May 6, 2015

I have ambitions to be a domestic goddess but any frequent visitor to my home will be aware it is an aspiration rather than an achievement.

When my flat was on the market I went in for a marathon of cleaning, tidying and clutter hiding. Ultimately it was successful. I received several good offers which I didn’t accept because I couldn’t buy the house I wanted.

However it did bring about a kind of epiphany why was I making all that effort for the benefit of other people when I don’t make it for myself and I live here.   There was clearly something wrong with that and I decided it was something that had to change. I deserve a clean, tidy and clutterless home.

I’m on annual leave this week and I’m supposed to be resting and finishing unfinished craft and writing projects but what I’ve actually done is embark on a project to improve the home I actually live in instead of planning the home I’ll have when I find the perfect house.

So far I’ve sent five bags and a large box to the charity shop and posted six parcels of books to people who’d like them. More than 100 books have left my home and I honestly didn’t think I could do that when I started. I’ve filled a huge bag for rags and another for the clothes for cash place and I’ve only dealt with upstairs. My landfill and recycling bins are full to overflowing and I’m endearing how I managed to fit all that stuff in my flat. 

The cupboards of doom are doom laden no more and I’m unlikely to be knocked out by falling items from the airing cupboard. When I have the energy I’ll start on the kitchen cupboards.
I’ve composted all the past it plants in my front garden too and I intend to replant just a few of them so the exterior looks better.

I cannot believe how much better I feel now all that extraneous stuff has been evicted from my space.


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  1. It is very cathartic getting rid of “stuff”. I intend a clearout this summer, before three years of madness begins. It will mean less stuff to hide in my future spare room, meaning more room for visitors!

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