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Joys in June

July 15, 2015

June was mostly spent in the office so this is a rather shorter post than usual. There is only so much joy that can be found in working all the hours God sends to successfully get a Bill through Commons Commitee.

TV night with mum and sister – we might get to the end of the last series of Call the Midwife before the next one starts

L’s Housewarming

The lemon curd Victoria sponge I baked – it looked good I didn’t taste it but it sold at the charity Garden party very quickly which flattered me

The arrival of my new to me audio books

Wine tasting at Vinopolis

Work drinks

The exuberant Labrador in the park

D the podiatrist sorting out my sore foot. I had been to the hospital for follow up. They cheerfully announced what needed to be done then said the NHS wasn’t allowed to do it. I made an appointment with D who promptly sorted it out for me.

On the advice of the podiatrist I’ve been taking short evening walks to help strengthen the ankle I had surgery on. I’ve really enjoyed rediscovering old haunts and the familiar beauty of my town which all too often I take for granted bit I’ve been wandering around Gravel Pit Lane, The Long Pond and the Winter Gardens and remembered how beautiful it is here. It’s very easy to forget I’m a mere 9 miles from Big Ben.


The beautiful but complacent tabby cat basking in the sun on the roof of his owners car

The cottage style garden in St James Park especially the Peonies and Lupins


Father’s Day BBQ with four homemade Puddings

Long, light mild evenings have filled me with happiness I was never designed for dark and cold.

Nicola Upson is a glorious find a completely new author to me.

Lunch with A

Work I’m actually helping to make history and its work I can be proud of

My baby niece not only recognised me she wanted me to play with her. Obviously I obliged.

No Offence on the TV – scary and haunted me a little but good

My sweet peas are growing

Dinner with L and K

The view across the park I always forget how high up we are but as I wander across the park I can see right across towards Westminster and the City and the London Eye, the Shard and Canary Wharf are silhouetted across the sky.

The Met Police who were very kind to me after a nasty surprise.

Brick Lane Curry with L, K and H

The three cocktails H and K poured into me to calm my nerves after the nasty surprise.

My new Hydrangea

A small gift from my Director for doing a good job


A very peaceful and productive Sunday after a long week

Watching the sunsets and a fabulous moon

The fab veggie carbonara I cooked

Mary Berry’s bean salad from her Absolute Favourites series – summer work lunches sorted.

The Clangers I thought I remembered The Clangers from the first time around but the run stopped several years before I was born so either I saw repeats or we had a video. However it is as gentle a series as I remember and very soothing when viewed while drinking tea after a very long day at the office.

PS: I know entries without photos are deadly dull but at the moment WordPress won’t let me load any. I will try to edit these later.


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