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The things that made May happy

July 15, 2015

Somehow it’s July already and I still haven’t written about May. That’s incredibly lax of me although in my defence I’ve been very very busy in the last six weeks or so but here are the things that made May a pleasant month.

Work drinkies

9 consecutive glorious days off I usually have time off at Easter but changed job so could not. Aside from the 5 days I had off sick post orthopaedic surgery this was the first break show Christmas and I was ready for it.

Nellie’s birthday tea

Drinks at my godparents

Finding a pool where I can get in and out of the water easily – 30 painfree lengths

Spending my apology vouchers on frivolous luxuries. I don’t need posh moisturiser but I really enjoy using it and this was effectively a present.

Glorious Lush bath – thank you E

Amazing chocolates as a belated birthday present

The great declutter – reclaiming my flat and allegedly my life bit by bit. I wish I’d taken a photo of the huge pile of stuff that left the flat in one way or another.

Great Shaun Hunt Mark 2 with big niece

Lunch at the Marine Hotel and a walk on Tankerton Beach with my Mum

Shopping in Canterbury

My new chair cushion – I replaced the flat worn out faded cushion on the computer chair in my room with a tapestry one with books on it. It’s so much more comfortable and looks better too.


Discovering Victoria trains now run until after midnight. All those times I raced to catch the 19:39 when I didn’t have to.

Goslings in the park


Bunch of peonies


Clarins moisturiser. I don’t need it but oh how I love it. The texture and scent are just pure pampering. Such a shame that if I don’t have vouchers it costs about the same as a week’s worth of groceries.

House – why didn’t I ever watch this before

Some incredible kindnesses

Coffee with B and the finding of a new and better coffee location

Reading Twins at St Clare’s with big niece. I love watching her enjoy the books I lied as a child and St Clare’s is so much better than the ghastly Rainbow Magic Fairies.

First barbecue of the year

My day trip to Derbyshire and seeing some lovely people for the first time in ages. The view from the train as I went through the Hope Valley was very special too. I spent nine hours on trains for lunch with friends but it was worth it.

Lunch with H

Family dinner in town K joined us

Wandering in Covent Garden on a sunny Sunday

New bath stuff – expensive but joyous

H’s Eurovision Party

Purdah is over and I can do my job properly again

Dinner and window shopping at Westfield with L

My afternoon tea party and ace friends


My abundance of flowers especially the scented bouquet K made for me.



Day Trip to Edinburgh for work I even flew from the wonderful City airport and the view as you fly into Edinburgh airport over the Firth of Forth is just stunning.

Meeting F for lunch as part of the trip

Walk in the local park after dinner

Spring in the suburbs – cats, people’s gardens and amazing Wisteria.

First time I’ve been able to go for a walk in St James Park at lunchtime.

Amazing belated birthday parcel from L

The gilded ballerina on the Dome of the Victoria Palace – beautiful in the sunlight.


Cut and colour

Lily of the Valley

The staff restaurant at work has non Government WiFi which means we can all check our personal email on our own devices at lunchtime. A welcome leap into the 21st century.

Happy discovery that I’m walking faster

A sane conversation with my grandmother

Watching Hay Fever with Felicity Kendall. I always enjoy Noel Coward plays and she was simply superb. I really hope I age that well.


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