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Happy things in July

August 29, 2015

I’m very tardy posting this – let us hope I do better with August’s blog. However the delay is not because July was an unhappy month far from it. It was a month of fun, friendship and plenty of excellent fiction.

There was a Spectacular Thunderstorm I wish there was some way I could capture the amazing dark sky rent by lightening but either my camera isn’t up to it or the photographer is lousy.

Surprise cuddles from baby niece

Dinner at the Star with my parents.

Reading in St James Park and managing to be alone and peaceful among everyone else who’d gone to enjoy the sunshine. 

Pizza with the girls.

D came to stay

A also came to stay

Wonderful surprise gift from K when I was feeling very sad and low because my season ticket was stolen from my handbag. She kindly sent me a new Radley ticket holder which amazingly clips into my bag which will make it so much harder for future pickpockets to extract it. It’s also very pretty.

Visiting R, M and J and just enjoying relaxing in the sun in their garden.

Day out in Canterbury with A and a happy browse in C&H fabrics.

A truly delicious dinner at the Marine Hotel and a wander on Tankerton beach afterwards. I love the colours of the beach huts and love the idea of having my own.


This beachfront house looks like somewhere Poirot would choose to holiday. There’s not a curve anywhere. 
Posh breakfast at Delaunceys with my lovely friends – the pancakes were out of this world.

Dinner in L’Ulvio with the usual suspects

The first Pimms of the year

Amazing Peonies

Managing to wear my silver sandals again for the first time in over a year because the swelling in my foot is finally going down.

An evening in the garden drinking

Snuggles with baby niece

Reading with big niece

Super sky I love watching the sunset.

Baking again

Introducing baby niece to homemade ice cream. She was very keen…

Giving my flat a very through clean didn’t enjoy the process but I liked the results.


BBQ in the garden.

Sitting on the trampoline with big niece shame I can’t bounce on it yet.

My Abbey re read.

Nanna is happily settled in the new nursing home after having to move in a tremendous (and very stressful) hurry when her precious splendid home closed without warning. I am so pleased she’s coped well with the move we’d been warned it might kill her. The staff in the new home have been amazing in helping to make the emergency move as smooth as possibly.

A wonderful convivial evening at FGT – to misquote LL Montgomery there was some character assassination over the dinner table.

Rereading Antonia Fraser’s Detective novels.

Snail mail from A.

A day in Warwick with H and K catching up and the Gardens at Warwick Castle.


A fab (and very inexpensive) Balti in Warwick.

A family dinner at the Mexican.

Big niece’s afternoon in town. This involved M&M’s World – ok that part was purgatory, a ride on the top of a number 11 bus (I maintain the 11 is the best route in London) a trip to Guide HQ to buy her new Brownie uniform and lunch. 

Finally being able to commute without a stick. I really am improving.


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