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Unexpected kindness

September 25, 2015

I was walking home from the station this evening and I was feeling quite low. The foot I had surgery on in January has flared a little. I was in considerable pain and I was limping badly.

That was not the main reason I was feeling awful though. A fellow commuter had been outrageously inconsiderate and caused me more pain. I hadn’t called them on it because I didn’t have the energy and in any case however rude it is to display bad manners it is far ruder to comment on them (TM my paternal Grandmother). Then the commuter was excessively rude to me. It was probably nothing to do with me. She’d probably had a long week and a bad day which she took out on me. It was still hideous and could easily have wrecked my evening.

However as I dragged myself up the hill almost in tears, a car pulled up beside me and a smiling man of about my own age said “You live in [my street] don’t you?” I agreed I did and although shamefully I did not recognise him I did recognise the two toddlers in the car – I’ve seen them out with their Mum many times. It was one of my neighbours I’ve never actually spoken to him before. He then said “I’ve seen you dealing with that foot all year it looks very sore today would you like a lift.”

I wasn’t actually going straight home so I declined with a smile and polite explanation. If I’m honest despite the small children if I had been going straight home I still think I’d have declined I don’t think I know him well enough to get in his car but that act of kindness made my day and salvaged my evening.

This nice man will never know just how important that kind gesture was at that moment. My foot is still sore and I’m still limping but I completed my errand and walked home smiling. It was a reminder at just the right time that there are far more nice people than unpleasant ones in this world. 

Tomorrow I’m going to find out their names.


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