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Super things in September

October 17, 2015

Sorry I couldn’t resist a little alliteration. This approximately 17 days late. What can I say – I’m a procrastinator extraordinaire.

The Rainbow that appeared in the sky one evening as I was heading home.

Mellow morning light the soft golden light you get at this time of year made walking to the station a little pleasanter.

K’s early birthday dinner there was ice cream and cake of course…

Curry at the star with my mother’s cousin. The meal was delightful and as always the staff treated us like Royalty.

Another K’s hen night. I had a particularly fine Gin cocktail at Browns and have plans to return and drink my way through all the Gin Cocktails on the menu.

Manifold kindnesses of my friends when I wobbled.

Morning in bed reading – a rare but special treat.

Central heating – every year when it switches itself back on I wonder why people talk about the good old days. I love knowing that I can get up in a warm house and return home to a cosy house after work. The new timer is simply superb.

Coffee/ dinner with the girls.

I had a long weekend in Riga. I’m not sure what I expected but Riga exceeded my expectations. The old town reminded me of Tallinn it’s medieval, full of steeples and turrets with foot crippling cobbles. It also had a faintly Ruritanian air. I could imagine all those aristocratic girlsown heroines living there and averting revolutions and coups with only their beloved horse and their own pluck to assist them.

Also what’s not to like about a city whose symbol is a cat pooing? There is of course a story behind that.

The cathedral is simply stunning.  

There was delicious cake.

The local delicacy is potato pancakes.

And two G&T’s were less than €5.

Our hotel had interesting decor but it was clean, comfortable and remarkably inexpensive for the number of stars it had.

We rode a Soviet era train 20km to the seaside. Marjori is a beach resort on the Baltic once a haunt of the Tsars and later like Tallinn it was a favoured USSR holiday spot.

The Baltic Beach Hotel where I had a delicious iced coffee has been refurbished but was clearly formerly the Intourist hotel.

We walked by the Baltic Sea on a bright crisp afternoon. It was a little chilly but the sky was blue and the sun shone.

New lights on timers this has been a revelation to me. I’ve set the timers to  come on as it gets dark partly as a security measure but also so I don’t come home to a dark empty house. Technology is a good thing. As one of my oldest friends says “I like living in the future.”


Google doodle for whatever reason this made me smile.

My free gift of a cookie from the Metro it amused me.


I finally finished little niece’s birthday cardigan. It’s too big for Teddy Edward but happily fits her.


Alostromeria in autumn colours
Holly berries supposedly if there are lots of berries we’re going to have a hard winter. Judging by the number I’ve seen it’s going to be cold but we shall see. Whatever they may prophecy these are still beautiful.

Unlooked for kindness from a neighbour.

The colleague who looked at me as I stumbled into work tired, grumpy and in pain then put a hot cup of tea and a Jaffa cake in front of me without a word.

I found the courage to do something I knew to be right even though I knew it wouldn’t be easy. It wasn’t but it was the right thing to do.


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