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Nice things in November

December 31, 2015

The alliteration truly is irresistible. I can’t think of any big excitements but there was lots of quiet happiness along the way to misquote Lucy Maud Montgomery.

Belated Halloween dinner – we had it on the Sunday which was the first rather than on the correct day as we were all busy doing other things. Big niece spent a long time decorating.  

Friends with a flat overlooking Crystal Palace invited me to watch the fireworks from their balcony. This involved me making some interesting journeys on public transport I’d never made before.

I read Val McDermid for the first time and wondered why I’d never done it before

Writing my name with a sparkler – that was sheer childish joy.

A nice evening of shopping and dinner at Bluewater

I had a Violet Needham reread

We had fireworks in the back garden for my nieces. Big niece was allowed a sparkler for the first time. I introduced her to the of of writing your name with it.  

The Abbey Chronicle republished Elsie Oxenham’s The Junior Captain. I now own my own copy and I was delighted to read it again.

In an amazing act of kindness Hilary McKay sent me a copy of her book Binny in Secret. I loved it and it was a welcome distraction during an unpleasant experience at the dentist’s.

After a ghastly week when I was not sure how bad the damage to my tooth was I discovered it did not need extraction, a root canal or a crown. I was very relieved.

The  Sainsbury’s Christmas  ad featuring my beloved Mog made me very happy.

I had Dinner with the girls  and it served as consolation after a difficult appointment with an orthopaedic surgeon – the foot saga continues.

Starbucks Honey and Almond hot chocolate

I hadn’t indulged in a Lush bath bomb for ages but then treated myself to a very indulgent hot scented bubble bath.

Kathye’s pampered chef party. It was just good fun.

Reward voucher from work for being a ‘good’ girl.

My sister gave me the New Mog book. My big niece and I read it at once.

Getting eyebrows threaded. I always think they look ok and then I get my eyebrows threaded and I realise how they should look.

The Christmas Lights in Oxford St and Regent St

Marmalade coloured ducks in the park – I’ve no idea what these ducks are called but I love them.

I managed to be very brave while having an MRI scan. I am not good with enclosed spaces and loud noises so find them challenging. This one was much better than previous scans. It was a newer quieter scanner and it came with noise cancelling headphones and I was asked which radio station I wanted to listen to while I was scanned. The radiographer was aware I was very anxious and made it as untraumatic for me as he could.

Mum and I had our annual Christmas Shopping day in Canterbury  

We also found a new small restaurant for lunch called Oscar and Bentley. We will be returning. This was Mum’s lunch my veggie one didn’t photograph as well.


Meeting S in town we prowled around  Fortnum’s Christmas displays and  rested at Patisserie Paul. I was entranced by the fruit and veg displays inFortnum’s    


Coffee and Cake with H and K in the British Library Cafe

Playing Chinese whispers with big niece we tormented her poor child by deliberately getting the messages wrong.

I finished Mum’s scarf at last – her Christmas present for 2014. It took much longer than I anticipated.  

Gentle morning pottering about

I took big niece Christmas shopping in London. We met a Clanger outside Hamleys. 

The kindness of the staff in Lush Oxford St towards an enthralled small girl

My MRI Scan showed no tumours and no fractures in my foot which was good news even if the less said about what the scan did show the better. At least I’m now sure I’m not imagining a problem where none exists. As I’d been reading a book about people whose own mind gave them seizures and paralysis this was a relief. 

I was elected Vice Chair of Governors – I think this is an honour. It’s nice my fellow governors have faith in me.

Victory over the local authority in a small but vital contretemps

A very quiet Sunday filled with gentle domesticity.

My godparents gave me a set of Poirot audio books which are making me very happy

The lights in Carnaby St, Jermyn St, New Bond St and The Strand   



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  1. I couldn’t resist commenting. Well written!

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