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Delightful December

January 3, 2016

I can’t break this alliteration habit now it’s started…

I almost always enjoy December. I love the run up to Christmas, the lights, decorations, socialising, eating drinking etc.

I have struggled this month physically because my foot has been very sore and I caught some sort of ghastly adult slaying bug from my smallest niece which has knocked me for six and there have been entirely too many doctors visits. However I’m still here to tell the tale and the good things definitely outweigh the bad. So without further ado here are the things that made me happy in the last month of 2015.

I had a day trip to Oxford with my friend L and met our friend H for a delicious dinner at a Lebanese restaurant Al Shami. I was worried about this trip as it was taken entirely on public transport as I’m not allowed to drive very far at the moment but it was tremendous fun. We loved exploring the covered market. Just look at that beautiful fruit and veg stall. It looks like something from a fifties picture book.

L came to stay which meant joyous gossip.

Circumstances meant I could hear my friend S sing with her choir for the first time ever. Vivaldi’s Gloria gave me great joy.

I went to the London CS meeting for the first time in months and it was surprisingly fun

I had a wonderful Advent Candle


December brings the opportunity to use the Emma Bridgewater Reindeer China I adore again.


Amusingly this year Mum and I gave each other exactly the same Advent Calandar a chocolate covered marzipan one. It was a daily delight although five year old me would never are believed I could get four days behind with my advent calendar.


Discovering that I can use Dad’s Amazon Prime and as I was organised I was given Kindle vouchers for choosing slower orders

Dinner at The Real Greek with the usual suspects. Good food and good friends you can’t really ask for more.

The Christmas Lights in Trafalgar Square once again I was lucky enough to be passing as they switched them on.

Christmas Pizza at FGT. A delightful evening in connivial company.

My Christmas at Home – I invited the people I care about to visit and happily they are good enough friends not to mind that I wasn’t well enough to cater it myself and bought it all in so to speak.

Coleslavian Christmas – another happy sociable night with delicious food.

Work Christmas Lunch at the Cinnamon Club. The Cinnamon Club is always a delight.

Work Christmas drinks – a good chance to catch up with people I don’t always see anymore.

Cut and colour – nothing boosts the ego like a good haircut especially when it is accompanied by champagne.

The now traditional annual Christmas Concert at the Royal Albert Hall. I always leave on a high having sung Christmas songs for two hours.

Millie came to stay. I simply loved having a feline house guest and she was no trouble. She can come and stay again whenever she likes.


Margin Note Books republished Tony Among the Prefects which was the only Clare Mallory I did not own my own copy of. I do now.

GGBP published a brand new Chalet School filler Bettanys on the Home Front which I really enjoyed.

Mum made me a log cabin Christmas lap Quilt. I love it to bits.


She also crocheted me a Christmas hat and Scarf in a fantastic seasonal yarn as modelled by the swamped Teddy Edward.

There was a splendid pre Christmas Dinner and cocktails with the girls in TGI Fridays.

The Southbank London Chalet Christmas meet up

My Christmas decorations. You may by now have gathered that I like a decoration or two…

Christmas cards especially two unexpected ones

A friend’s very unwell mother is on the mend

My Godparents annual Christmas get together

Breakfast at Dishoom with my old team

Baking with my big niece. There’s something rather nice about using the same gingerbread man cutter that my Great Aunt used when baking with my Mum as a small girl to bake with big niece. It makes a perfect gingerbread man every time too.

Lessons and Carols at Westminster Abbey. I find it both reassuring and inspiring to know that people have stood where I am standing celebrating Christmas for thousands of years and that they will probably do so long after I’m dead and gone.   

Lovely Christmas presents – I was given plenty of books with offerings of chocolate, Gin, potions for the bath and stationery. My friends and family know me so very well.


Christmas Eve Dinner at the Turkish. I don’t normally like change but this was a change for the better. I hope it will become a tradition. We had a delicious meal,  there was no stress or mess for Mum and I to clear up and we were laying the dining room table for Christmas dinner by 5pm on Christmas Eve.

The kindness and straightforwardness of the surgeon I saw on Christmas Eve. He was very sympathetic but also spelt out my choices clearly. I also think anyone would like a doctor who prescribes afternoon naps.

Playing Articulate with the family. I like to think I’d have enjoyed it even if I hadn’t won.

Big niece’s sleepover: we had a TV supper of chip shop chips, watched Eloise at Christmastime and ate popcorn.

A quiet two hours with tea, Fortnums Truffles and EBD.

I’m filled with gratitude for the NHS who once again got me through a crisis quickly and efficiently.

Boxing Day at my sister’s.

Petrol below £1 a litre I never thought I’d see the litres go up faster than the pounds again.

The Christmas Call the Midwife – pure indulgent, escapist joy.

A little sales shopping. Father Christmas did not realise I longed for an Amaryllis or that I needed a diary so I rectified this. I’d also been coveting the Emma Bridgewater Hellebore mug but couldn’t justify paying full price for it. At half price it was destined to be mine. The tulips were simply irresistible temptation. A reminder that Spring will come and light and warmth will return however long it takes. Actually you can just see my Hedgehog measuring cups in this photo. They  were a Christmas present a couple of years ago but I still smile every time I look at them.


The Christmas bath foam I bought in Calais. It is supposed to be scented with orange and cinnamon but smells just like chocolate orange. I like it a lot.

New Years Eve spent with friends and another tasty meal in the Turkish restaurant.


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  1. Michelle permalink

    Sounds like a lovely December!

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