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January Jollies

January 31, 2016

 Just like last January this month has involved major orthopaedic surgery. Much more major surgery than last year as it turned out, more pain, much larger cast and longer bigger operation. I am absolutely hoping that this will be the end of it.

On New Year’s Day I went for a walk with K and H. In deference to my current limitations we stayed locally and walked along the Thames Path from Woolwich to North Greenwich. It was bleak, grey, industrial – a part of the city I never notice or that I am aware of. It had a compelling quality although I can’t say it’s beautiful. I loved watching the planes landing at London City Airport.

We’d intended to walk as far as Greenwich but it became clear that I could not do that. So we stopped for a delicious Brazillian lunch at the O2 and then I got a bus home.

It’s been such a mild January I was able to have a vase of the first daffodils of the year to cheer up my flat when the decorations came down.

First tulips of the year – I love tulips and it’s a moment of great joy when they are back in the shops.

My Orchids are shooting again and soon there will be flowers.

The immaculate cleanliness and space of a deChristmassed flat. I hate taking the decorations down the flat always seems so dark and gloomy but on the plus side there is more space without them. I cleaned and polished even using proper beeswax polish. It’s nice to start the year with a fresh shiny flat. 

I bought some hyacinths to cheer up my flat once the decorations were down.


I saw the surgeon again to discuss what could be done about my poor maltreated foot. He was very kind and understanding to the extent that I reluctantly consented to try surgery again. He also agreed to fit in with my fairly complex timetable for recovery.

My parent’s bought me back a lovely new Vera Bradley laptop back from Florida. I had saved it to use when I went back to work after Christmas to give me a bit of a boost.

There was some splendid snail mail from A, L, S, L and K L and a beautifully written note from my small cousins.

Pizza and TV night with Mum.

A friend had a baby son who arrived safe and well.

Mulled grape juice – I was looking for a new soft drink in Starbucks and saw that on the menu. It was really delicious and I’ve worked out how to make it at home too.

Coffee and gossip with the girls.

The discovery I can mute everything people share on Facebook I don’t want to deal with without muting them. Abhorrent (to me) politics, OTT animal rights (and I’m veggie so it has to hardcore to annoy me), misogyny, nasty guilt inducing equivalents of chain letters all gone. People have an absolute right (as long as it is legal) to post and share what they like but now I don’t have to read it. Hurrah!

Spontaneous Friday night work drinks to celebrate a colleague’s birthday.

A super sunrise – this was taken from my kitchen window.


An unexpected dinner out with R and a catch up.

Pizza supper with family.

A snowy awakening.


An amazing and congenial afternoon tea at FGT. There was tea, Prosecco, delicious cakes and conversation with good friends.

Dinner at GBK with the usual suspects.

A very peaceful pottering about kind of Saturday with lots of reading.

Watching Private Lives at the Churchill Theatre. Sam Strachan, Laura Chambers and Charlotte Ritchie were just fab.

A very nice pre theatre dinner at Aqua.

The arrival of my new cup and saucer to complete my beloved Royal Albert Primulette teaset.

New French pharmacy moisturiser. 

My skin is finally getting better. It has been horrendous blotchy, dry and spotty ever since I caught the nasty viral thing in December and finally it’s getting better.

Bronze Hema nail polish I got for Christmas. It goes on beautifully.


A walk in the dark with big niece and a fascinating discussion about her chances of going to Hogwarts and the difference between telling a lie and being creative with the truth.

Cuddles from small niece

Discovering Entrelac knitting and how deceptively easy it is.

Belated Christmas gifts from L. She knows me oh so well.

My Surgery went well – the surgeon is optimistic that my Achilles’ tendon will heal and I’ll be able to walk without pain. The nursing staff  were very kind to me as I surfaced from my anaesthetic haze. It took a while this time as I wasn’t as well as everyone expected immediately post op this time. Fortunately within two hours I was fine. I am now sporting the largest cast ever and a very unstylish compression stocking.

A lovely lunch out with my parents and sister despite the cast from hell and bloody crutches.

January TV. I’ve been saving up the programmes I enjoy for the sofa time I knew was coming. I’ve made a start on Death in Paradise, Shetland, Endeavour and War and Peace. Vera and Call the Midwife are still in reserve.

WPC56 I found this on Alibi and was accidentally addicted. I watched all five episodes of the first series in one sitting.

My handknitted cast sock a present from N to keep my poor toes warm.


My LimbO cast sleeve. It is an amazing device which was well worth what it cost (about £15) as I have been able to have a proper hot bubble bath and wash my hair while in a full lower leg plaster cast. I did it alone and unaided so my dignity and independence are intact. What’s not to like.

Pizza evening with S who generously came round with Pinot Noir to keep me company in my enforced immobility. I have the best friends. For future reference Pinot Noir makes for better pain relief than the stuff I was prescribed.


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  1. Michelle permalink

    I really enjoyed reading this post! And I’m going to watch WPC 56, it sounds like just my thing. 🙂

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