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February’s Friends

February 29, 2016

This has been a very quiet month indeed as I’ve slowly recovered from my foot surgery. It has slowly dawned on me just what a big op it was. I confess I’ve sometimes been lonely and I have had ghastly cabin fever. I am not meant to spend long hours alone and inside. However there were still things to be glad about mostly my ace friends who’ve all helped to keep me sane.

On the first of the month I was well enough to start doing some work from home.

K came to see me and cooked me an ace dinner.

H came to visit and brought some glorious yellow  roses.

Cuddles from big niece.

Kindness of my colleagues they have phoned, emailed and generally tried to keep me in the loop.

Reading Malory Towers with big niece. We both enjoyed reading about a tea and midnight feast and are plotting an Enid Blyton themed meal for ourselves. We are both in agreement that there will be no sardines however authentic.

The biggest cast in the world ever was changed for a smaller lighter cast.

My Christmas bargain Amaryllis is flowering.

Shopping trip with Mum and Sister

My Dad has been taking me out to lunch at the local Harvester every week. This has helped with the cabin fever.

L&S keeping me company and helping with Sale order

Rewatching Death in Paradise all the series to date.

No more cast! The day it was removed was one of great joy even if it has been exchanged for a huge Aircast boot. Possibly the most stylish piece of footwear I’ve ever owned. I did not pay but cost wise this spectacular piece of engineering is comparable with a pair of Jimmy Choos.

Lovely long chats with K

My new dresses from a very exclusive establishment. They are pretty, inexpensive and will help get me over a difficult sartorial patch.

N came to stay and we had a delicious Indian takeaway.

I have a new CD/ Cassette player. I’m aware that this is almost obsolete technology but it means I can continue to listen to some treasured audio books. Sometimes audio books are my salvation.

Pink tulips

Wonderful surprise parcel from D a book I really wanted to read. It’s about vintage style and I have some new ideas for the flat.

Watching Vera on TV. I always enjoy a good whodunnit.

Pizza and Call the Midwife evening with Mum

Lovely Goodies from France. I was very sad that I couldn’t go with the rest of my family but some of my pain was assuaged by chocolate, Kir Royale, proper French garlic etc.

Mum helped me move my dining room round so there is more space and I could get around it more easily with crutches and an Aircast boot.

A surprise parcel from R

L gave me a book I’ve been wanting to read since I saw it in Waterstones last December.

K and H came to visit. There was Kir Royale, Pizza, Garlic Bread, Apple Crumble, gossip and company.

K acted as my housemaid and did several jobs I could not do. This helped as knowing they needed doing and I couldn’t do them had been worrying me.

Watching Lord Peter Wimsey DVDs. Thanks L.

An ego boosting cut and colour.

An entertaining parcel from J.

S visited and brought more reading material.

H sent something cheerful.

D the podiatrist helped get my raw sore foot into something more like normal state. I begin to believe my slow healing heel flap will eventually heal properly.

I have a lovely Physio and I really hope he’s going to help me progress quickly.

Criminal Case this is addictive and a thief of time but has kept me entertained on the sofa.

Managing to restore all the phone data I accidentally deleted in a post anaesthetic haze.

I managed a short walk outside all by myself. I’ve discovered I rely on walking alone to sort out thoughts and feelings and formulate a strategy to deal with them. I needed to be outside alone so much.

My brother’s birthday dinner in the local Turkish restaurant.

One of my Orchids is flowering.


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