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Marvellous March

April 1, 2016

March has seemed like a long month but it has also been incredibly busy. There have been lots of things to make me smile.

Mum finished the Rainbow blanket she’s been crocheting me. As the evenings are still jolly chilly this has been ace to curl up in on the sofa or wrap around me in bed.


There was a delightful Call the Midwife evening with the kind of picky TV meal I adore.

I bought another Bunkle book. I’m very fond of the irrepressible Bunkle and love the WW2 detail.
I’m writing again. After months of being blocked the words are flowing again.

Mum made me a Flower cushion to match the blanket.


Amazing flowers from Pimmy


I’ve found another new author LC Tyler whose Ethelred is the most hapless amateur sleuth ever.

Pimmy came to see me

New smartphone – I think

L visited

K phoned for a long chat

My phased return to the office began. Initially I was only allowed into the office for four hours twice a week but we’ve been building it up gradually and I’m almost back to full time hours now.

I got the all clear to drive again. I’m still building up the distances but it feels as if I’ve got my freedom back. I don’t drive very much or very far but I’ve hated not being able to at all. Or rather I’ve hated relying on others to drive me around.

Dad has been borrowing my car while I could not drive. He was irritated by the non functioning drivers door window and returned it to me fixed. I’ve been meaning to sort that out for ages it was really quite annoying but there was the small problem of ways and means. As an aside by some miracle my aged car got through its MOT and only needed new wipers.

My wonderful godfather sorted out the light bulb I couldn’t reach and there was light on the stairwell once more.

I had some of my lovely friends to visit it was the first time I’ve entertained properly since surgery.

I can stand for long enough to bake again.

Splendid flowers from K and L.


I felt better enough to put up bunting and fairy lights.


I went on a Sipsmiths Gin tour. It was amazing although I found I don’t like neat tasting Gin or Vodka. I like a mixer.

Erica James (@theericajames) spoke at the local library. She was very entertaining and I have a signed copy of her latest book.


I had a delicious curry at the Star with K.

We celebrated my parents return from Florida with a grown ups only dinner at Ziyafet.

Mum brought me back a big pile of American magazines. I do enjoy a US women’s magazine.


The Magnolia trees are flowering. I love Magnolias.

Oxford with H and E – El Shami, cocktails, fun, laughter and chatter.

The Physio said I was ready to begin hydrotherapy and I spent a splendid hour exercising in the Spa pool and relaxing in the steam room as a reward. It was blissful. Thank you K for going with me as I’m not allowed to go alone.

I baked Hot Cross Buns to take into the office. They lasted around twenty minutes.


I had a splendid time gossiping at K’s birthday party.

I took big niece to a Robin Stevens’ (@redbreastedbird) signing of Jolly Foul Play. She was so kind to my big niece it made her day.

I read my signed copy of Robin Stevens’ new book Jolly Foul Play in one glorious sitting when I got home and really enjoyed it.

I took full advantage of the excuse to put some decorations up for Easter.


I received some simply lovely snail mail from L & L. I haven’t opened one of L’s parcels yet as it is waiting for a certain auspicious day in April.


 Easter Eggs – really how can you go wrong with chocolate. 


Egg hunting in the garden with my nieces. Baby niece was old enough to enjoy it this year.

I took big niece to see the English National Ballet’s My First Sleeping Beauty. She was captivated and I thought it was a really excellent production.

There was a proper rainbow over the meadows.

There was a Harvester Breakfast with big niece.

Small niece recognised me waved and was very excited as I approached. I think she may have worked out auntie has a flexible approach to rules and routines.

We had an insane Harvester family  lunch at the O2 because our preferred restaurant was closed. The meal was quite dreadful but in hindsight the catalogue of disasters has its funny side. Writing his trip adviser review made my father’s day.


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