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Amusements in April

May 2, 2016

Another month has been and gone. April was the best month of 2016 thus far because slowly but surely I’m getting better. Every day I’m getting a little bit more mobile and I’m getting more of my life back.

I went to Highclere Castle aka Downton Abbey with K and H. Unfortunately I forgot my camera so there are no photos. I couldn’t drive all the way from South East London to Hampshire and back so I had to trust K to do all the driving which I confess was difficult. It was a lovely day. Highclere is smaller than I imagined but it looks very ecclesiastical. I was very taken with the central hall. I could see myself sitting beside that fire with my book. We wandered around the grounds and had a delicious scone with cream and jam.

I finished decorating my dolls house. It’s only taken me five years… Next step is the Dolls House Fair to hopefully buy some furniture. Rufus needs somewhere comfortable to nap.

I had some glorious snail mail from L a big budget of letters rather like the one Katy and Clover received when they were away at boarding school in Hillsover.

I have a lovely pink Geranium on my kitchen window sill to make me smile.

I have the satisfaction of clean window frames – sad but true. I have some professional cleaning stuff and it was very pleasing watching years of grime melt off my UPvC window frames.

On my birthday I went out with my toddler niece and bought her a sticky iced doughnut covered in sprinkles. She was delighted.

Then there was the simple joy of a couple of hours curled up on the sofa with a blanket and a good book

Lovely birthday cards and presents – I’m very spoilt.

I went to a Vintage Hair and Make Up Night with K, K, K and L – yes I do know lots of people whose name starts with a K – as part of my birthday. There are photos but I’m not sharing them both to protect the innocent and because I hate all photos of me.

I went to the cinema for the first time this year (I said I was getting better). Mum, my sister and I went to see My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2. We enjoyed it very much.

I went to see Miss Atomic Bomb to celebrate S’s birthday with K and L. Catherine Tate was amazing. I had an Atomic Cocktail – Bikini Martini with Gin, Blue Curaco and Peach Liqueur it was pretty damn good. Thus far I’ve resisted buying the ingredients to make one at home.

Tea from my new cat mug – S bought it for my birthday

I had a Famous Five Birthday Tea or more an Enid Blyton tea. We all have a family birthday tea on the Sunday closest to our birthday when we are allowed to choose the meal. In truth big niece chose mine but she asked so nicely if I’d mind and I though it could be fun. Mum rose to the challenge and we had an amazing tea with ginger beer, coconut macaroons, fruit cake, treacle tart, jam tarts, egg sandwiches, ham sandwiches, cheese sandwiches and pork pies.

I endured my End of Year Review at work – you’ll be glad to hear I’m not being sacked for another year. Some of my colleagues gave me some nice feedback from my colleagues.
I bought these Ranunculus and Anemones to help my recover from the endurance test that is the annual review.

I had this amazing birthday bouquet from S – I know a few S’s too. They came by post in a letterbox pack from Bloom and Wild and they are fantastic. It’s such a good idea. They lasted over a fortnight too.

My amazing friends who as always have kept me sane.

I treated myself to a Birthday Krispy Kreme doughnut for breakfast or rather Krispy Kreme did as they sent me a voucher. I redeemed it on a morning which needed salvaging because the transport Gods were not with me.

I went to Belgium for the weekend with my parents and big niece. It was a special treat for Big niece and she had a wonderful time.

I own my own copy of one of Elsie Oxenham’s rarer titles New Girls at Woodend. I never thought I’d find an affordable copy but I have and here it is.

I found a new series to read Mrs Pargeter by Simon Brett. They are light and frothy with an appealing main character. Mrs Pargeter follows the tradition of being an observant older lady with a deep understanding of human nature they are a perfect commuting read.

I have been discharged by the orthopaedic surgeon back to the care of my GP and the physios because I am doing so well.

I had a delightful surprise when these letterbox Flowers from M dropped through the letterbox. They are simply stunning.

My friend A came to stay. She lives at the other end of the country and I don’t see her nearly as often as I’d like.

I shared a picky late birthday dinner with A

Window shopping with A

Meeting A’s niece A.

Family Dinner at the Chinese Buffet – A joined us too

Several gloriously scented Lush bubble baths. Even several weeks off I’m still pleased I can bathe without the cast cover.

I’ve been exploring various other professional options and I’m contemplating a change but it was very flattering to be  told I’m business critical and my current team don’t want to lose me

I visited my grandmother and for the first time since February she had a good day and knew who I was.

I had my eyebrows threaded. I always think they look fine and then I make the effort to go and get my eyebrows done and I realise how much better I look when I do bother to get them threaded.

I’ve been able to walk far far more and the Physio has promoted me from an elbow crutch to a small folding walking stick.

One of my birthday presents was a trip to see Glenn Close in Sunset Boulevard. My friend L organised it. I’ve not seen her for ages as she’s not a Londoner and I’ve been so immobile. The musical was simply fantastic and then we caught up over dinner.

I had my first (but I hope not the last) Pimms of the year.

In short April was the month when I began to reclaim my life.


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