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Magnificent May

June 15, 2016

So another month has been and gone 2016 is flying by.

I managed to wear proper shoes for the first time in six months. One day I’ll wear heels again.

I attended a friend’s daughter’s first communion and a rather splendid party afterwards which involved excellent company and a surfeit of Prosecco.
There were three lovely dogs whom I played with.

There was a bank holiday and I had no plans so I went to the Tarn – a park on the other side of town and wandered around in the sunshine. It has a historic ice house, the tarn that gives the park its name although one rarely finds a tarn in the south. There were bluebells, primroses, camellias and ducklings.

Work drinks celebrating Royal Assent on our recent Act of Parliament.

I had my first trip to Bluewater since I had surgery and I managed to drive there and back again.

I bought a new bra which is a pretty colour and actually fits – always a joy.

I found Felix the Huddersfield Station Cat on Facebook and she is a daily dose of happiness.

Palmerston the FCO cat I found Palmerston on Twitter and he also makes me happy. I like cats in case you hadn’t realised.

I went to L’s 40th party. I intended to stay an hour and left after midnight. There was Prosecco and a Take That tribute band. I fell into bad company and danced for the first time since K’s wedding last October. I was very stiff and sore the next day but it was absolutely worth it.

I’ve benefited from much kindness and support from myriad colleagues. 

There was a splendid Cut and Colour which was a big boost as always. 

Flowers from S part 2. The birthday present that goes on giving.

I finally made it to the Bagpuss exhibition at the V&A. It’s very small and not really worth a special trip but I was pleased to admire original puppets from my childhood. Although I must have seen repeats of The Clangers because they stopped making it a good few years before I was born.

As I’ve finally finished decorating my dolls house, I went to the Dolls House Festival in Kensington. There were incredible and very expensive things there. There was some 1/12 scale furniture that cost more than a full size item for my flat would have cost. I bought myself a few treats but I was as restrained as possible. I don’t know if you can tell from the photos but I’ve decided my small house will be set around the time of The Queen’s Coronation so June 1953.

Mum and I also joined K for a delicious lunch that day.

I had a movie night with big niece. I was babysitting and as it wasn’t a school night I decided to be an indulgent auntie. Instead of trying to battle about bedtime I suggested we curl up on the sofa with a DVD. So we watched Harry Potter, ate popcorn and had a lovely evening together. At the end of the film she went willingly to bed and straight to sleep. A win, win situation really.

There was a delicious Curry with H and K … and a pizza lunch with another H & K

A peaceful Sunday evening when I did nothing apart from relax with a book. Bliss!


I went for a lunchtime walk in the park with a colleague – my first of the year.

I’m loving the long light evenings.

Amazing snail mail from L.

TGI Fridays with K and L

Lily of the Valley

A little gift to myself – I had some vouchers and it was 20% off day so I ended up only paying £1.10 for my very affordable treat.

Mum’s birthday Tea

I had a wonderful belated birthday present from my sister and her fiancé. My make up brushes were past it and they bought me some beautiful new ones.

Once I’d forced myself to actually go to hydrotherapy I felt better for it. It hurt but in a good way. The sauna and steam room are really improving my skin and my breathing.
Meeting V a local girlsown fan
Amusing snail mail from K.

Restarting my Abbey reread.

Driving to the station because I was using my Mum’s car which has the right permit. Front door to train in 6 minutes – a rare but delightful treat. 

My very early morning. I had to get up at 4:30 to take my parents to the airport. It was exhausting but very productive. I’d done everything I needed to do by 8am.

On the second bank holiday I went to Dungeness and Rye with friends. We had a pub lunch at The Pilot Inn and walked on the shingle bank before exploring Rye.

In Rye I fulfilled a long held aim and had Tea at the Mermaid Inn. Malcolm Saville aficionados will know it as The Gay Dolphin.

Peonies – I really love peonies. They have such a short season but I love everything about them. I wish I could grow them successfully but I think they need more than a pot.


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