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Nothing is certain except death and taxes

June 28, 2016

It seems I live in interesting times. Work wise we are in an odd sort of limbo which makes purdah seem like a mini break. The official line is keep calm and carry on and so I’m endeavouring to do just that. The odd thing is that for all I see BREXIT as a personal disaster, professionally  it could create some fascinating opportunities. As Pa Ingalls said there’s no great loss without some small gain.

I am still sad and anxious but the nation is spoken and I will have to make the best of it along with 48% of those who bothered to vote.

So I pulled myself together and took my late Granny’s advice. She used to say “Sometimes you need to forget how miserable you are and just do something anything.” Mind you Granny qualified this advice by saying “You may still be miserable but at least you’ll be miserable with clean dishes and clean clothes to wear.” She saw her mother in law die in front of her in the Blitz, cleared up the mess in the house, then went to work so Granny knew a thing or two about facing adversity.
So with her advice in mind, I made a long to do list and then set to it, I cleaned my house, did the laundry, made a meal plan, bought groceries and packed some parcels. There is a certain comfort that comes from making order out of chaos and following simple routines. If I’m honest my life does run more smoothly if I stay on top of domestic tasks and actually do my life admin in good time.

Then I devoted some time to personal grooming and took advantage of Elinor Brent Dyer’s excellent advice and ‘shampooed’ my hair. It was just a shame that I couldn’t do as Madge did and get a professional to do it for me – it would have been more relaxing. Brent Dyer knew what she was talking about, it is easier to face bad news when you look and feel better.

I’m trying hard to be strong and independent rather than the spineless jelly fish I was on Friday.

I was going to stop listing the things that made me happy and then I realised that in uncertain times the small simple pleasures matter more than ever.

So I’ve indulged myself with tea in my favourite mugs or cups and saucers, hot bubble baths, candles and flowers.

As I said to a select group on Friday however ghastly it seems I have amazing, kind, tolerant friends and there will always be theatre, flowers, Gin, books and cats. I’m considering if there’s anyway I can have a kitten.

The sun will go on rising and setting and we will find a way forward even if it is not the way we planned.


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