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Joy in July

August 17, 2016

July has been a lovely month

I went to the Christening of one of my oldest friend’s children and while there I caught up with an old friend and met her baby.

I went for Dinner at S’s to plan our adventure. She served the most amazing Cherry ice cream.

Mum and I had a TV Evening. We finished watching The Durrells and consumed a takeaway from Ziyafet.

There were homegrown Sweet Peas.

And Peonies this time from Waitrose.

My friend K held the first ‘Gather’ in years. I saw old friends and made some new ones.

I was invited to Dinner at FGT where we dined on L’s sublime homemade quiche.

I managed to swim 50 lengths of hydro pool

Wonderful fan girl moment. I do not intend to embarrass myself by elaborating but I was full of squee.

Lovely Snail mail from K.

Some delightful belated birthday gifts from D, from H and L and K.

I attended our annual conference Civil Service Live. There were some fantastic sessions and I remembered again why I do what I do and why it matters. Then there was the view from the conference centre. Admire this. Even in the rain it is stunning.

I wandered around St Katherine’s Dock after work

I had dinner at Bodeens with my parents, sister and my sister’s fiancé.

Then we headed off to the Ceremony of the Keys at the Tower of London. Photos aren’t allowed so there aren’t any. There was something just perfect about watching the ritual of locking up the tower for the night knowing it has taken place every night for 700 years. 

We were so lucky because as we left a tall ship passed us and Tower Bridge opened. We were in absolutely the right place at the right time.

The final delight of the evening was getting the River Bus home. It was glorious sipping white wine watching the lighted up river banks fly by.

I went to the Pub Quiz, had dinner at K’s, we may not have won but I won a glass of Pimms.

I managed five full days in the office and two evenings out my energy levels are going up and I think I’m getting better.

There was Dinner at my godparents

D came to stay

I had a little adventure with S. We went to Paris on the Eurostar.

I was finally brave enough to go right to the top of the Eiffel Tower. It was worth it. On K’s advice we went first thing and had breakfast up there. The hot chocolate was delicious.

When it gets dark it lights up and sparkles. We made a special trip to see it.

We stayed near Montmartre which I love especially in the dark. I know it’s a tourist trap but I don’t care. I also feel I owe it to Mabel Esther Allan aka Jean Estoril to like Montmartre.  We explored once during the day and once at night.

The Galeries La Fayette ceiling

Made a Chalet School Pilgrimage to the Luxembourg Gardens, where small children can still sail boats on the lake. That was very gratifying.

 Specialist dolls house shop in a Parisienne Arcade

CityPharma I spent entirely too much here but French pharmacy brands genuinely are deeply discounted and it is such fun to watch elegant Parisienne ladies squabble over the bargains.

The Garden behind Notre Dame. This was a little oasis of peace and tranquillity in the middle of a hot bustling city. I loved it.

Eating Bertillion’s Ice cream on the Ile St Louis. Truly fabulous.

My ceiling fan in my bedroom – it remains one of the best investments I have ever made.

Unexpected good news

Rereading Joey Goes to the Oberland. It’s a weird book nothing really happens and yet it is one of my favourite Chalet School books. It a fantastic cosy comfort read.

Whiskers has come to stay. I do like visiting cats although this one behaved like a mischievous middle. He’s not meant to be an indoor cat.

Reading My Naughty little Sister with big niece

New sandals I can walk in. I also managed to wear my favourite blue sandals with heels for a short while. This is real progress.

In partnership with my mother we baked these for my nieces birthday cakes.

The joint nieces’ birthday party


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