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Amazing August

September 1, 2016

If I am honest this month has reminded me of a Tale of Two Cities. It was the best of times and the worst of times. August is often like that. It is the month I passed my driving test, one of my nieces was born in August, I received A level results which surpassed my wildest dreams in August. However it is also the month my beloved Grampy died, the month in which I realised that I would not after all be spending my life with the person I thought I would. It’s the month I collapsed with physical and nervous exhaustion but it is also a month where I picked myself up and put myself back together.

This month was no exception. The bad tales are not really mine to tell – the stories belong to others and they can tell them or not as they choose. I was saddened for them because they matter and did not deserve the things that have befallen them and upset because I could do nothing to help.

I can tell you that a former colleague died much too soon. I liked her, I respected her and she taught me so much about understanding the technical detail behind the legislation. I don’t think I ever said thank you properly. I thought so was indestructible if not immortal I was wrong. I am sure that somewhere up there J is busy telling the Angels how they could better organise their lives.

I can also tell you I managed to blow two job interviews one after the other…
But I have dwelt enough on the worst times. It’s time to move on to the best times:

Mum and I had a lovely picky dinner in front of the TV we rewatched My Big Fat Greek Wedding and it is still amusing.
I needed distraction so I went to the pub Quiz with K. We lost spectacularly.

My parents knew I needed distraction so they took me out for a Harvester Lunch on pensioners day. It helped.

For reasons I won’t go into I suddenly lost my nerve about driving. This lead to me being pressed to drive my mother to the coast on the grounds that the best thing to do if you’re scared about driving is to face it and drive. So we went for a delicious lunch at the Marine Hotel then wandered on the beach at Tankerton.

We spent the afternoon shopping in Canterbury, always a pleasant experience.

I found a tiny oasis of calm in the City. Actually found is the wrong word I’ve known Postman’s Park since I was a little girl. I’ve just not been there for years. The memorials for heroes are strangely poignant. I found the 2007 one especially moving because I remember the incident. It was the first new plaque for about 80 years too. I wonder why there was such a long gap.

I love this tranquil pond by the Guildhall too.

I found a BFG jar next to it.

Day out with H – ice cream at Caffe Concerto

After our ice cream we wandered  along the Southbank then had dinner at Gabriel’s Wharf with a wonderful view of the river.

The day was finished off with very Tipsy drinks at the Star.

I saw S for the first time in years. Possibly 5.

A friend’s surgery was successful.

I had an ego boosting cut and colour.

Then I braved having my eyebrows threaded. I always look better when I ge it down. Somehow I forget the transformative effect it has.

I spent a whole evening on the sofa devoted to reading

Waitrose make a knock off of my favourite Burts Bees bath stuff and it is around 80% cheaper. Little things you know.

L’s birthday dinner and cocktails. How’s this for a Gin and Tea?

Sunday roast dinner

Amazing parcel from L

They were doing some renovation work in my grandmother’s house and found scraps of the wallpaper I had in the little bedroom there as a toddler. I remember that clown wallpaper so clearly.

I had to go to Cardiff for work. It was hard work and I had lots of meetings but I managed my work life balance well so played hard too.

I was lucky and stayed in a fabby hotel. The Cardiff Hilton was splendid especially the pool and the bathroom was at least twice the size of my own at home. While swimming a small boy looked at the scarring on on my ankle and asked if I’d been bitten by a shark. He was clearly deeply disappointed when I told him it was just an operation.

I had dinner with M I’ve not seen her for years and it was so nice to catch up.

A colleague took me for  lunch in the Norweigan church on Cardiff Bay. There were guide dog puppies being puppy walked.

The second evening I met E for dinner and a gossip.

L’s birthday dinner at the ever delightful Annies

A 30th birthday party

A friend’s very poorly son is recovering 

Dinner at Ziyafet

Dinner at the Chinese Buffet

I’ve been promoted

Great British Bake Off is back. Watching with my big niece was a joy.

Meat market with the girls a tasty and economical dinner. The Halloumi and Mushroom burger was sublime.

Another super Parcel from L

Dinner at a new Italian to celebrate my new job

Finally booked a weekend away it was effortful at one point it seemed as if every hotel everywhere was fully booked but we got there

Playing with small niece

Making pizza with big niece

Big nieces sleepover

I have reimmersed my self in Elinor Brent Dyer’s Chalet School. They are an excellent antidote both to awful things I can’t change and the iniquities of SouthEastern trains. The Tyrol books really are superb.


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