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Nifty November

November 30, 2016

It is the last day of November and I’m actually blogging promptly. I hope the shock does not make anyone faint. I’m determined to improve my time management. It has been a very busy month. At times I thought I might not get to the end of the month but I have and there were plenty of nice diversions along the way.

Jo March said November was the most disagreeable month in the whole year and there’s a big part of me that is inclined to agree with her. There’s no denying that it tends to be both dark and cold and after Guy Fawkes Night there’s not much to look forward to. I’ve tried hard to find things to enjoy this month and also to practice plenty of self care.

So without further ado what did I do!

I finally watched the end of GBBO with a yummy picky supper and I was pleased by the eventual winner. 

I met R for dinner. I’ve not seen her since I had my surgery so there was so much to catch up on. 

I went to K’s to watch the Fireworks at Crystal Palace. I had a delicious dinner and cuddled Millie cat. We will draw a discreet veil over my extreme lateness because I got totally lost in a diversion. 

My cosy crochet rainbow blanket it’s been coming into its own since the chill set in. Either draped across my bed or wrapped round my on the sofa it’s been keeping me cosy.

L came to stay for a few days. We gossiped and tried to put the world to rights.

I had to go to Newcastle and back in a day for work. Catching the first train at 05:39 was deeply unpleasant but I saw snow from the train – somewhere between Doncaster and Darlington.

There was also a Rocket Snow Dog on Newcastle station

I had a delicious dinner with the girls at the Diner with a simply marvellous stress relieving alcoholic chocolate milkshake.

Day out with H including super cocktails

Tea at Pattiserie Valerie

Hugs from my lovely nieces

Family adults only Dinner at the Star of India.

I finished my epic Chalet School reread.

And I began rereading another series – the familiar and comforting Miss Read books and I am now immersed in Fairacre.

I met B for a post work chat and wander in the Christmas market on the Southbank.

The delicious German Cake B bought me.

I had a big asthma attack which obviously was not nice but they were very kind and efficient in the Urgent Care Centre.

A pink sunrise on a winter morning.

I met K and L for dinner.

Then K and I went to see the long awaited Fantastic beasts and Where to Find Them. I happily escaped into Potterverse.

A morning spent pampering me. I woke one Sunday morning looked in the mirror and realised I needed an MOT. I looked and felt so much better after a long hot soak, a hairwash, manicure, pedicure, home facial and actually applying all my emollients.

There was a joyous lunchtime walk in the park. My new Directorate has weekly mental health walks and I always feel better for them. 

I cooked myself Bubble and squeak one freezing evening. It’s too good to only eat on Boxing Day.

A lovely lunch with former colleagues – good food and gossip what more could I ask?

Our Director bought doughnuts in because it was Friday. Morale soared.

I was lucky enough to see Cursed Child for the second time. It improves with a second view. The first time I was caught up in the story and totally involved in Potterverse. This time I could appreciate the clever staging and highly visual nature of the play. It makes really clever use of lights and scenery.

I received a cheque with nice refund from E.on.

Finally managed to sort out my temperamental mobile with help from the O2 Guru

L came to visit and I now have Anna-Charlotte in my hot sticky hands.

I went to see Austentatious – a hilarious improvised show in the style of Austen.

Dinner with H

A quiet evening of pottering while listening to Miss Read

Finished my Goodreads challenge

Snailmail from L


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