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Farewell 2016

January 14, 2017

2016 has drawn to its close and I know many people are pleased to see the back of it. I’m refusing to label it the worst year ever or anything of the sort. It is just a date on the calendar. Things have happened which I might have preferred not to happen (Brexit for example) and for some of my friends the year has brought serious even life threatening illness which I wish they had been spared. There have been some truly heartbreaking world events but the year isn’t to blame for those things. Dare I say it in most cases people are to blame not an arbitrary date – it was ever thus. The other events were caused by that nebulous thing – bad luck which is always random and undeserved.

In the same way a year cannot really take the credit for the good things which have been many and are still there underneath it all. This year has brought weddings, new babies, new jobs, promotion – mine included and many other smaller delights.

Personally it has also given me slow steady improvement in my mobility because the major surgery I had eleven months ago has relieved my pain and restored function in my ankle in a way even the surgeon didn’t think was possible. I have a year of slow rehabilitation to go but even if I stop improving completely it has been life changing and life enhancing surgery. I’m grateful for the surgeon’s immense skill and the team of specialists who surrounded me to help me get me better – Thank you NHS. I’m glad that from somewhere I managed to find the courage and resources to face surgery a second time. I am also so very thankful to my family, friends and even colleagues who supported me through those first difficult weeks and months. I have my life back.


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