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Jolly January

February 28, 2017

I haven’t posted for ages and it is about time I did. January seems a long time ago because it was. It was a very quiet month but at least this year it didn’t include major orthopaedic surgery. Unfortunately I didn’t manage to avoid hospital but we can’t have everything. So without further ado here are the things that gave me joy in January.

My flat always seems so much bigger, brighter and fresher when the Christmas decorations come down and I give the place a good clean. It’s compensation for the loss of the lights. I spent New Years Day and part of the 2nd restoring order and calm to my home.

I started the new year with a crisp new Vera Bradley laptop backpack to carry my work tablet around in. It may be a small thing but anything that brightens up the dark cold mornings helps.

I also found a section on the Vera Bradley website that explained how to wash the old ones and as my new washing machine has a cold cycle I tried it out and my faintly grubby bags and backpacks are sparking clean again.

There was a lovely dinner out with the girls to mark the new year.

We celebrated my sister’s birthday a week late with Chinese takeaway.

Mum and I watched the Christmas Call the Midwife and the last GBBO with a delicious picky dinner in front of the TV.

Unfortunately the bad cold I’d had on and off since November turned out to be pneumonia. It’s a very girlsownish illness to have but I don’t recommend it. It is about as much fun as you might expect it to be. I was actually signed off sick for longer than when I had surgery. On the bright side I received amazing and swift care in hospital when I realised I might be a little more ill than I thought. St Thomas’s £22m A&E refurbishment was worth every penny from my point of view. Happily antibiotics and steroids were effective and I went home the same day. I had pretty fabulous follow up care from my GP too.

I have had some lovely flowers to cheer the month. Ranunculus, Anemones, Hyacinths and Amaryllis.

There was snow and I was able to enjoy it in the best way watching it from inside a warm cosy flat.

K came to cheer my sick bed and cooked me a delicious dinner.

I bought my first bunch of daffodils of 2017.

I went to see Rent my belated Christmas gift from S. I absolute loved it. The staging and costumes were fab. The play itself was just incredible and a reminder of the bad old days when HIV was a death sentence. We’ve come so far.

I have Hamilton tickets for next year which is so exciting. 

D was in London and we arranged to meet for lunch and a catch up.

I found this super shop front in Percy St.

There was a Brick Lane Curry with K and H.

Cuddles with my smallest niece.

I’m much older than I planned on being later this year so I’m having a big party to celebrate. As part of this I ordered some very fancy invitations. I do like posh stationery.

Death in Paradise is back on TV. I do enjoy it. Crime Drama set in the warm sunny Caribbean to liven up January what’s not to like.

I watched The Halcyon too. WW2 is my favourite period in history although if I’m honest I’m not sure how long this drama will hold my attention.

D my fabulous podiatrist sorted out my sore foot.

I bought a Lumie alarm clock. I’m still reserving judgement on whether it makes it easier to get up. I think the gradual light helps. It’s not as if I’ve ever been a morning person.

I found reduced alostromeria in M&S I can hardly ever afford enough flowers to fill my late Great Aunt’s crystal rose bowl but these cost £1.77.

While working from home I took myself for a lunchtime walk in the Winter Gardens. They are only a 15 minute walk yet somehow I never go and they are so beautiful.

My parents treated me to a delicious dinner in a local Italian.

I took my car for its annual bath – actually it might have been longer than a year since I last took it to be cleaned. I don’t think it has ever been so clean. I’m surprised it didn’t fail to start from shock. With all the Christmas tree needles gone from the inside and the moss removed from the trim it became quite respectable. I may increase the schedule to six monthly washes. 

I found all these books I wanted to read in the Red Cross shop for £7.


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