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Frozen February

March 13, 2017

Very belatedly it is time to write about February.

I went for a lovely walk in the park with E from book club one lunchtime. We had a lovely catch up.

There were Snowdrops in the park.

I met A for lunch which broke up a dull work day nicely.

A good visit to my grandmother. She wasn’t aware of who I was but we talked about her memory book and she was quite animated.

I cooked a roast dinner for K and H.

There was also a very productive visit to the chest clinic – sorry about the awful pun. It was follow up after the January episode and the consultant had several positive suggestions to improve my situation. He is sure I have had what the media is calling the 100 day cold.

My sister acquired a gorgeous puppy. This is Millie a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. In this photo she’s eight weeks old.

I received a splendid belated Christmas present from A.

There was more snow and I went to Hampton Court to see my friend H. To be honest it was too cold to enjoy the palace but we had a splendid catch up and delicious pizza.

My parents returned from Guadalupe and we went out for a jolly nice curry to welcome them home.

I had a lovely calm slow Sunday breakfast.

Unusually I had nothing planned for a Saturday and I spent a lovely peaceful day pottering around the house, running a few errands and curling up with a book and TV.

I batched cooked slow cooked lasagne.

On the advice of the chest consultant I have began swimming again and I enjoyed it more than I thought I would.

My reliable albeit elderly car passed its MOT first time – cause for celebration

I have a new battery for the aforementioned elderly car. It had been a bit temperamental of late and it turned out the battery was the one the manufacturer installed in 2004. It really didn’t owe me anything. Replacing it means it starts first time every time. 

I successfully negotiated with Sky and reduced the cost of my package from £46 to £28. This was most satisfactory.

Lovely Wahacca dinner with L

I thought my car might not meet the new emissions standards for London but I finally made myself face the problem and checked. It turned out the car meets Euro 4 standards and I have nothing to worry about.

My Mum’s Dolls House which was made for her by my Grandad has been beautifully restored by a family friend. I played with it as a child and I’m as thrilled as she is to see it restored to its former glory.

Leaving work in daylight – it may not seem much but it’s lovely to leave the office before the streetlights come on.

D the genius podiatrist sorted out my sore foot.

I bought these lovely rainbow tulips as a present to me.

I went to K’s for cocktails and saw R. There was also a good opportunity to make a fuss of Millie cat.

I went through my clothes. I threw away lots of old socks and tights that haven’t fitted properly since the swelling in my ankle went down. I have no idea why I kept them so long. However the grand sort out meant I found clothes I’d forgotten owning and I feel as if I have lots of new things,

My brother’s kebab birthday dinner – mine were made with halloumi and apple crumble which we all love.

There was delightful Snail mail from L.

I made fabulous pancakes for Shrove Tuesday. A couple of years ago I made the worst pancakes ever they puffed up like Yorkshire puddings in the pan. I still have no idea what I did wrong but I was convinced I couldn’t make pancakes but it turns out I can.


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