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Marvellous March

April 2, 2017

I meant to blog on the right day for once but it didn’t work out that way. On Friday afternoon I was getting on with my to do list and mopping up the week’s tasks before going home early because it was Friday and payday when I heard a voice that should have been 400 miles away. A colleague I like and respect who is on secondment in Scotland appeared and wanted to know who was coming out for drinks. I hastily revised my plans for housework, grocery shopping, blogging and an early night. After all the dust would still be there tomorrow. (Confession – it is still there). Instead I spent the evening in a Southbank watering hole with a lot of former colleagues. Je ne regrette rein.

In a way it sums up what makes me happy if you look at my entries there are definitely themes that include friends, delicious food, flowers, books, pets and kindness. March is no different except that spring is on its way and the increased warmth and light is an additional source of happiness. I thrive on light and warmth.

So here are the things that made me happy in March:
There was a lovely picky TV dinner Mum and I shared while watching Call the Midwife. I do love that programme.

E was in London for a meeting and we had lunch together afterwards.

Smallest niece baked me a special cake which she smothered in smarties and chocolate buttons. It was delicious and made with so much love.

I have a new to me mobile phone. There was an unfortunate incident with the old one involving the loss of a decades contacts. Now I’m recovering from this terrible trauma and have began the process of recovering all my contacts it’s quite nice to have a phone that actually works properly.

I had a belated Christmas gift from L and K in the form of posh afternoon tea. We all attended in ladylike garb, sipped tea, nibbled cake and gossiped freely. Such fun!

I treated myself to a bath in the middle of the day one Sunday. I’d forgotten how decadent it feels to soak in a tub full of hot water and scented oil at 2pm. Pure self indulgent bliss. I must remember to do it more often.

My Mum laid on a fabulous Sunday tea because an old friend from my primary school days was joining us. It was a strange blast from the past. It was nice to see her but we have little in common anymore which felt very peculiar.

I was brave enough to make three difficult phone calls. I dislike calling anyone I don’t know and I really hate it if I have to have an uncomfortable conversation but I did it and felt so much better when it was done.

I finally bought a new case for my Kindle as you can see it isn’t very sophisticated but it amuses me. I also bought a case for my new phone.

I bought an amaryllis bulb in the post Christmas sales. I thought for weeks it wasn’t going to do anything but then it burst into life and was spectacular. 

My sister’s Cav puppy Millie spent the whole weekend with me.

I took her for lunch with the K’s and she enjoyed playing with Mr C and he with her. Turns out puppies can ride on swingboats and in toy tractor trailers.

I had lunch with S and C. I don’t think about I’ve seen C for four years and it was so nice to see her again. We promised each other we won’t leave it another four years.

I visited the school where I am a governor and they have ducklings. I was instantly besotted and when I got to hold one that was it my day was made. They are so soft and fluffy but have surprisingly big cold feet.

I expended a little effort and revamped the pots in my front garden. I’ve achieved a big impact for minimal cash and effort which is most pleasing.

I also met M for coffee. M is an old uni friend and I’ve not seen him for ages either. It was lovely to catch up with him too.

Wandering in the park one lunchtime.

The Watermill Theatre’s Murder for Two. I went on the spur of the moment at the behest of my friend S. it was fab. I absolutely loved it.

L came to stay

I went to Oxford and lunched with H at Al Shami.

I saw some glorious tiles at the Ashmolean Museum.

We watched Noel Coward’s Blithe Spirit at the Oxford Playhouse. I love Noel Coward and it was perfect Light frothy and very amusing.

My godfather’s Seventieth Birthday party

Magnolia trees I love magnolia blossom and this month has been full of them.

I looked to one side on my morning commute and there was a beautiful tabby cat basking in the sun on a window sill. It was gone in a flash as my train hurtled through the suburbs towards town but it was a lovely moment.

The calm composure of my colleagues as all hell broke loose around us. The 22nd of March was a dreadful day and we were too close for comfort but there was something infinitely reassuring in watching the contingency plans kick in and that they worked. We were sad but safe. Other people were not so lucky.

My new dolls house furniture. I’ve been carefully working on furnishing my little house.

A delicious dinner at K’s, congenial company and best of all (sorry K) Millie cat cuddles.

I had a completely free Saturday and decided to spend it in glorious lazy self indulgent solitude.  I’d not been feeling great but with unusual insight I realised that I wasn’t ill simply tired and that was something  I could do something about. I’d been reading in Marjorie Hillis’ eponymous book “Live Alone and Like It” and it has a section about how to plan a weekend day or a whole weekend entirely to oneself without feeling lonely or low. I planned with great care so I purchased a small packet of my favourite Rose and violet creams and a Lush bath melt for a truly sybaritic day. I began the day by making tea in my Granny’s teapot and eating a pain aux raisin for breakfast. I found the fab macaroons my sister had brought me from Paris for an afternoon treat. I’ve decided to try and plan in one every 4-6 weeks because it did me so much good. Although next time I will fine tune my planning and arrange a blow dry, manicure, massage or facial or perhaps a trip to the sauna and steam room to enhance the day.


It was Earth Hour that evening and I decided to mark it. I turned off every light in the house and the TV. I have a new respect for those who spent or still spend their lives without electricity because I couldn’t see to do anything.  Luckily I have a kindle so I could read although it did feel a bit like cheating.

Mother’s Day pizza at my parents. A chance to thank my mother, play with my nieces and cuddle Millie dog.

Ranunculus – aren’t they pretty. A £1.25 post Mother’s Day bargain.

I am loving the longer days. Light evenings suit me.

Lunch in Lincoln’s Inn Fields

Lunch with colleagues in Iberica.

Walking in St James Park.

S’s birthday party they gave us free cake.

The drinkies after work with old colleagues I mentioned at the beginning of this admittedly lengthy update.


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  1. Millie is such a cutie. I am looking forward to seeing your doll’s house in the flesh, it is looking splendid!

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