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Amazing April

April 30, 2017

It’s not May yet and I’m posting already. I feel I deserve some sort of fabulous award for this. I’ve had a really good month. Spring is well on the way and it may not have always been as warm as I might like but there’s been blue skies and sunshine bnearly everyday.

I began the month with a delicious dinner and a gossip at H’s in SE23.

Then I headed home to meet D who was coming to stay. There was more happy catching up.

I went to a Dolls House Fair with my Mum and bought a few more bits to liven up my tiny house.

I survived my annual performance review at work unscathed. I’m always afraid that this will be the year I get found out…

I was really nervous about having my hair done by a different hairdresser – mine is on maternity leave but B who was recommended by 3 of my friends gave me an ace cut and colour in time for my birthday.

My colleagues gave me some lovely birthday presents which were a complete surprise and very apt.

I had a picky tea and I watched Call the Midwife with my Mum.

I was very lucky and had lovely warm sunny weather for my birthday. I went to a Dolls House shop in Steyning in Sussex to buy a few bits for my house.

After lunch we went to Arundel for a rather nice afternoon tea. I admired the Castle and browsed a lovely second hand bookshop.

I enjoyed a wonderful Birthday dinner in a local Italian restaurant ending with this rather lovely pudding.

I had some truly amazing cards and parcels. There are compensations to being older than I ever intended to be…

A came to stay. I’ve not seen her for a year and it was so good to see her.

As it was a very big birthday I had a very big birthday party. It was truly amazing. We hired a cruiser that had been to Dunkirk and I celebrated my birthday with a cruise on the Thames with my family and friends. I was able to see so many of my friends. I loved it.

I had more than a fortnight off work which meant I had some peace, quiet and calm for rest, life admin and Spring cleaning. I also caught up on my reading.

I spent a Day in town with big niece visiting and photographing tourist attractions for something she was doing at school. 

I took big niece to her first ever evening performance. We saw the ENB’s My First Cinderella at the Peacock.

Big nieces had a sleepover at my house afterwards and the following morning we watched Swallows and Amazons in our PJs. Very lazy and a simple delight.

I played with smallest niece and Millie my sister’s puppy.

L came to stay and we had a delicious dinner at the Turkish restaurant.

I put up my Easter decorations. I always like an excuse for decorations.

Surprise belated birthday flowers from my friends.

On Easter Saturday I went to Greatstone with my friends K, S and L we wandered along the beach then went to the Pilot Inn at Dungeness for lunch. Then we went on to explore Rye. We had a lovely afternoon tea in a tea shop that was completely timeless. It was the kind of place the Girlsown heroines I love reading about might have patronised for afternoon tea or morning coffee.

We had a lovely Family Easter complete with the now traditional Easter Egg hunt. We’d even found Easter Eggs for dogs so my Millie could join in. I received some delightful eggs. My favourite was the one big niece made for me.


I had a lovely morning in Manor Park with smallest niece then played with Millie.

Very peaceful TV day with afternoon tea on a tray.

I’ve been taking advantage of the better weather to go for walks around the local park.


Apple blossom 


I had an unexpected delightful parcel from New Zealand.

I had a lovely walk along the Thames before work

Coffee, dinner and gossip with the girls.

My friend K’s cat also a Millie came to stay. I always enjoy Millie!s visits.

Some of my friends came over for homemade pizza. We had a good evening and I was able to catch up with someone I’ve not seen for ages.


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